SellerSkills:- Ecommerce Management tool for Online Sellers

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SellerSkills - Ecommerce Management tool

There’s a vast market out there for eCommerce sellers with different marketplaces to choose from. Why limit your products to one platform when you can build a strong customer base on each of them? 

According to eMarketer, the global eCommerce market in 2021 is expected to touch $4.89 trillion. Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and even Walmart have a dominant presence in the digital market, with millions of users placing orders online. It’s easy, time-saving, and even cost-effective. 

However, managing an eCommerce business is far from easy. It requires continuous monitoring, updating, and accounting. And keeping track of the inventory, sales, returns, and taxes is not possible without technology. 

SellerSkills came up with a solution to help eCommerce business owners manage their inventory and sales on a single platform. From listing products to integrating with marketplaces and logistics providers, SellerSkills aims to streamline the eCommerce business and increase profits for the owner. 


Shall we look at the features and integrations offered by SellerSkills for eCommerce business management? 

Integrations Offered by SellerSkills 

An app is useful only when it can connect the eCommerce business to various entities that make business possible, isn’t it? We’re talking about marketplaces, shopping carts, and carrier service providers. 

1.) Amazon: Connect the app with your seller accounts on Amazon US, Canada, and Mexico, irrespective of your business volume.  

2.) Amazon Prime Seller Fulfilled: If you’re an Amazon Prime Seller, make the most of it by integrating the account with the SellerSkills app. 

3.) Fulfillment by Amazon: Product listings to printing shipping IDs, SellerSkills does it all for Amazon orders.

4.) eBay: Manage all eBay orders from US and Canada from a single location. 

5.) Etsy: Don’t miss a single order for handmade crafts on Esty. (This feature is being rolled out soon). 

6.) Walmart (US & Canada): Get closer to Walmart shoppers from the US and Canada. It’s one of the major online marketplaces in the US. 

7.) Shopify: Whether you’re a new seller or a fast-growing merchant, set up Shopify as your primary store and manage orders through SellerSkills. 

8.) FedEx, UPS, USPS, and Canada Post: Choose the best carrier that’s fast, affordable, and reliable. Save money on shipping. 

9.) Buy Shipping Services Amazon: Always know where the parcels are and when they’ll reach the customers. Logistics will be in your control. 

Advantages of SellerSkills 

➢ Manage Inventory 


The centralized system allows you to know the exact inventory status after every order. Don’t miss moving goods from the warehouse on time and update the product status on Amazon/ eBay to avoid being penalized. 

➢ Manage Listings


Importing and exporting product lists is now a hassle-free job. Move the lists from one marketplace to another and add new products in just a few seconds. Let customers know what you sell. 

➢ Manage Orders


Get alerts about order updates and know their status in real-time. Keep customers happy by streamlining orders and deliveries. 

➢ Bulk Operations 

Be it printing labels or updating the listings, complete the activities in bulk so that you have more time left to expand the business and grab opportunities. Save money, energy, and time. 

➢ Sync Data 

SellerSkills emphasizes syncing products and order details from multiple channels and bringing them together on an app. 

Features of SellerSkills App  

  • Want to know how much will it cost to ship a certain order? Use the shipping calculator and find the least expensive carrier to deliver the parcel. 
  • Setting your Shopify store as the main marketplace is now super easy. You can still add other platforms to the app and manage sales. 
  • Know how much you’re spending on the order, be it the shipping charges or the management fee. Generate reports for income and expenses and have complete control over your money. 

Pros and Cons of Using SellerSkills


✅  Easy-to-use software 

✅  Product synchronization is quick

✅  Managing inventory is stress-free

✅  Reliable customer service by the company 

✅  Flexible pricing and a free plan 


✕ It could have more features (luckily, the company is working on them) 

SellerSkills Pricing

Start your business using a Free plan where you can manage 50 orders/month while monthly plans starting from $200 per month and for an annual plan you have to pay $2000 but you can save a lot of money if you opt for the annual plan.

For more details on pricing click here

To Sum Up 

SellerSkills is a multi-channel eCommerce management app for every business. Startups and small business owners can start with the free version of the app. It has all features offered by SellerSkills with only a limit on the number of orders per month. 

The company provides one-on-one training through webinars for business owners to set up the app and integrate their seller accounts. With new features regularly released by the company, SellerSkills is a wonderful app for eCommerce business owners.