Seller Assistant App Review:- Product Research Chrome Extension for Amazon Resellers

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Seller Assistant App

Are you an Amazon seller or a reseller? Are you looking for an app or a tool to help you stay updated about products and inventory? Already using a few apps and struggling to juggle between them? 

Being an Amazon seller is full-time with little or no breathing time. It is a volatile marketplace where the prices change at random, resulting in profits or losses. We do our best to avoid ending up on the losing side, but it can be really hard to constantly manage and monitor every single thing. 

Though there are various apps and software specifically designed to help Amazon sellers, not all are as useful as they claim to be. Some are too complex to work with, and a few others have restricted features. 

That’s where Seller Assistant App scores points. It is an easy-to-use Chrome extension app that brings together an FBA calculator, stock checker, IP alerts, and quick view of products in a single tool. The app also offers advanced analytics and products insights to help sellers streamline their orders and shipping services. 

Seller Assistant App has more than 4000 users around the world and has analyzed as many as ten million products and counting. Amazon sellers have saved around 200k minutes by exporting the required data with just one click. 

Features and Highlights of Seller Assistant 

To be a successful Amazon seller, you need to consider several factors influencing products’ prices and sales. Having access to past and real-time information will help you make the right decisions for your business. 

Access to Product Information 

All the product-related details are now at your fingertips. There is no need to manually search for each product or copy the data one after another. Seller Assistant App allows you to access the following information-

→ Basic product details such as BSR, ASIN, category, product dimensions, and size tiers

→ Get links to product descriptions, reviews, offers, etc.

→ Get embeds inside the product page on Amazon 

→ Get quick searches on Google, Walmart, and eBay based on title, UPC, and model 

You can access historical and real-time data, Keepa’s graph, BSR and BSR drop which means that the product has been sold.

Exporting Data to Google Sheets

Sellers can export the entire analyzed data to Google Sheets in just one click and do the product analysis whenever they want

Advanced Profit Calendar 

Calculating your profits is a part of the process. You need to know your ROI and profit margin if you want to succeed in your business. The changes in FBA rates and product prices can eat away your profits if you are not careful. Seller Assistant App helps keep track of these important details and calculates such as-

→ Referral and FBA fees 

→ 3PL logistics cost 

→ FBA program support costs 

→ Return on investment 

Know Your Competition 

Countless Amazon sellers are competing with you for the same target customers. Your business doesn’t work in isolation, and it can result in losses if you don’t know who your competitors are. Stay updated about inventory at all times and ensure that you don’t run out of stock. 

Seller Assistant Chrome extension app helps you here as well. You can now track-

Seller Assistant App Chrome Extension

→ The average and lowest prices of products 

→ The total units sold and income from the sales

→ Get an estimate of future sales and returns 

→ Number of FBA/ FBM offers 

Product Restrictions 

Some products have additional storage and packaging needs. This will increase your expenses, which you need to compensate through other means. By knowing such details, you can decide if you want to sell these products and how much you should price them. 

Dropshipping and Online Arbitrage 

Sellers can get banned from Amazon when brands work aggressively to protect their image and cut down fake products from the market. The app collects such complaints every day using a unique IP system. Be assured that your seller account will not end up in the line of fire without any reason. 

Not only this, you can do your product research on Amazon even if you don’t have a professional seller account. Integrating your Amazon amount into the app is not mandatory, though you cannot use all the features due to a lack of details. 

Seller Assistant App can be used with the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy marketplaces. You can start using the app for free and enjoy the multitude of features it offers. 

SellerApp MarketPlace

Seller Assistant App Vs Revseller :- Which is better ?

FeaturesSeller Assistant AppRevseller
On-page FBA & FBM calculator✔️✔️
Keep Graph and Historical Data✔️✔️
Stock Checker✔️
Product restrictions✔️
IP Alert✔️
European Marketplaces Support✔️
Work without Amazon Seller Account integration✔️
Sales and Profit Estimation✔️
Product Quick View on the Search Page✔️

Seller Assistant App Pricing:-


Free 14 days trial available with no feature limitations.

Free Plan

  • Amazon Quick View Feature
  • IP alert feature

Annual Billing – ($100 ) billed Yearly

Monthly Billing – ($15 ) billed Monthly

  • Amazon Quick View Feature
  • Explained Ip Alerts Feature
  • On-Page Product Dashboard
  • FBA & FBM Profit Calculator
  • Google Sheets Support
  • Historical data and graph

For amazon businesses team plans are available

Final Conclusion 

Seller Assistant App is an effective plug-in for the Chrome browser that saves a lot of your time and energy in managing your seller business. All your routine product searches and processes are now simplified and efficient. 

And the best part is that the app is being continuously updated by the owners to add more features and turn it even better.

Check out Seller Assistant App to streamline your Amazon seller business and earn more money in less time.