Sell Old Phones and Make Extra Cash This New Year

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It’s the end of the year. And that can mean a lot of different changes for people. Some would inculcate new things in life, while others may want to do a bit of house cleaning and get rid of the old things they no longer use. So in this matter, Greenbuyback is perfect Option for you.

For me personally, it means upgrading myself and the technology I surround myself with. But that also means piling boxes of old electronics lying in some corner of my house. There is no use of those old cell phones, cameras, iPods and computers that we discard. Now, I can take them out on trash day. But, what if I tell you that I instead make extra cash by disposing of this junk? And I then use this cash to plan my holidays for the new year. Yes, I do.

So, if you too want to unclutter your house by removing a bunch of old electronics, I am going to reveal the secret in this article for you.

So, How Can I Earn Extra Cash?

A buyback service specializes in doing just this. They provide the solution in buying back all kinds of electronic goods irrespective of the condition they are in. They even recycle the goods and buy broken items that are literally trash for you. In return, they pay good cash to you. Sounds too good to be true right?

Recently, I came to know about GreenBuyback, a popular service that can help you with this. It helped me reach my financial goals by making extra money. Let’s tell you how you can do it yourself.

What Is GreenBuyback?

GreenBuyBack is a buyback company that helps you make extra cash by discarding all the old electronics items that you no longer use. They accept a long list of items such as:

  1. List of Cell phones
  2. Laptops
  3. Tablets
  4. Cameras
  5. DSLRs
  6. Headphones
  7. Wearable gadgets
  8. Smartwatches
  9. Gaming console

Moreover, they also buy broken or damaged items. So, don’t worry if your electronics are in bad condition. GreenBuyback helps you get the highest amount of cash in your pocket. It also super easy to sell your devices on GreenBuyback.

GreenBuyback promises of industry’s highest prices for your old electronics. Through this, I was able to get paid quickly and was completely satisfied.

So, if you have any of these items lying around collecting dust, you can take this opportunity and make extra cash instantly.

How GreenBuyback Works?

Selling your items and getting paid on GreenBuyback is really simple. Just follow these 3 easy steps.

  1. 1. Choose the item that you want to sell on the website. Note the necessary details of your items like the model and current condition.
  2. 2. Then use the drop -down menus to choose the condition, carrier, and storage capacity.
  3. 3. You will then see a price quote. Proceed to the checkout cart, after which you will be emailed a printable label. Simply pack your items and send the package to them free of charge.

As they receive your items you will receive your cash within 24 hours! Isn’t this easy and cool?

What If I Don’t Find My Device?

If you cannot find your electronic item or brand on GreenBuyBack, don’t lose hope. There is a high probability that they will purchase it!

Just go to their custom quote page and fill the required information. They will then make you an offer on your device within 24 hours.


Things to Assure Before Selling your Electronic Device

One thing to keep in mind is to wipe all your data before sending your electronics. It is recommended that you factory reset the devices for data protection. You should also ensure that you remove all sim cards and SD cards before sending.

Final Thoughts

Making extra money around the holidays can not only help to cash flow your holiday spending but can also help you pay down debt, save the future, or invest for the long term.

Overall this buyback service is recommended due to the wide selection of electronics they buy combined with their good reviews. So if you’re looking to make some extra cash, it’s going to be hard to find a buyback service as solid and reliable as GreenBuyback.

So, instead of letting the value of these valuable items decrease further, consider selling it on GreenBuyback and make extra cash this new year.