Samsung Reveals Future TV Sero to Rotate TikTok and Instagram Videos Vertically

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Isn’t this exciting? Watching Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok videos on a big flat-screen TV sounds fancy. And, TV manufacturers have not left any chance of impressing their customers. 

Having said that, Samsung has come up with a unique concept this year specifically designed with smartphone users in mind. The giant revealed the first look of its all-new Sero TV at the CES 2020 consumer electronics show in Las Vegas this Sunday. The differentiating factor of this 4K TV screen is its ability to rotate itself horizontally or vertically. So, with the push of a button, you can change the view from traditional horizontal orientation to vertical mode. This is specially crafted for viewing videos made for smartphones.

Sero (which means “vertical” in Korean) initially rolled out in South Korea last year. In 2020, the company plans to launch it in several global markets. With this, users will be able to mirror content present on their smartphones perfectly to Sero’s 43-inch screen. In fact, for the Samsung Galaxy users, the TV will automatically adjust as and when the phone orientation changes. 

According to the company, Sero TV is targeted at millennial and Gen Z consumers who are more likely to use smartphones as their first screen. Moreover, Samsung said, “Consumers will be able to enjoy a variety of social media and YouTube content along with other videos in the most convenient display orientation that they prefer on their mobile devices”. They also claim that Sero TV introduces cutting-edge functions of Samsung’s top-level displays.

Samsung Sero TV will be a new perspective to home entertainment technology for the audience that has grown more mobile-centric. Talking about thae pricing, Samsung Sero TV has been sold in Korea for around $1,600.