Ruul Review 2022: All-in-One Worktech Platform for Remote Work and Finance Management

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Ruul - remote work

Remote working is the in-thing in the global market. Freelancers, employees, and employers now work on projects remotely most of the time. Different platforms allow individuals and businesses to find each other and work on various jobs. 

Ruul is one such platform that allows freelancers and employers to connect and grow their network. Let’s review Ruul in this post and understand the services it offers. 

Company Overview 

Ruul (formerly Rimuut) was founded in 2017. It is a Europe-based company that started as an invoicing, payment, and legal partner to freelancers and businesses. The company expanded during the Covid-19 pandemic to provide a more comprehensive platform for individuals, teams, and businesses to set up remote work and collaborate on multiple projects with ease. 

The company was rebranded as Ruul in 2022 to highlight the shift in a work culture where flexibility and autonomy rule. Ruul currently has 10,000+ organizational users and more than 50,000 talents from over 120 countries in its community. Ruul operates with a fully remote team of 36 workers across Europe and continues to grow at a rapid pace. 

Ruul for Talents  

Whether you are a freelancer juggling multiple projects or an employee wanting find full-time work as part of a remote team, Ruul offers great features to manage your work and payments.  

1.) Invoicing 

Generate invoices using the special software integrated into the platform. The invoice specifications such as the timing, currency, project details and location can be customized based on the individuals’ and employers’ requirements. 

2.) Legal Agreements 

Creating and signing NDAs and service agreements is now super easy. There are ready-made templates that can be edited to change the terms and conditions. It is a free feature and doesn’t require any additional payment.

3.) Payments 

Set your preferred currency,  and manage your clients and work payments on a single platform. Talents can collect payments from clients/employers through Ruul as an extension of the invoicing or global employment features.

4.) Tax Assistance 

 With the upcoming tax assistance feature, talents operating solo will be able to receive guidance about calculating and filing their taxes attached to their earnings on or off the Ruul platform. 

5.) Banking 

Talents will soon be able to open a virtual Ruul account using the new Banking feature and manage their savings and spending through the very same platform.

Ruul for Organizations 

Organizations looking for contractors or employees can use Ruul to post open positions, find new talent, settle  the work terms with legal agreements, and make talent payouts. Everything is processed through the platform to make it easy for both parties. 

1.) Hiring Solutions 

Employers can hire freelancers or full-time employees to work with their businesses. Geographical restrictions are not a concern. The employer can post information about new vacancies using the newest feature Connect, or onboard their existing talents on the platform for a seamless talent management experience. 

2.) Connect, a smart marketplace

The Connect marketplace feature uses an advanced algorithm to match the job requirements with the talents registered on the platform. Employers go through the shortlist of candidates selected by Ruul and proceed with the ones they think are the best fit for the vacancy. 

3.) Employer of Record for global employment

Using the new EOR solution made for worldwide compliant employment, organizations can hire, onboard, manage and pay employees located anywhere without the need for opening up a new entity at different locations.

4.) Payment Solutions

Sending international payments to global talents working remotely can be tricky. Ruul has a built-in invoice payments and payroll processing system that streamlines talent finance. For freelancer payments, organizations can initiate the invoicing process themselves or clear the invoice generated by solo talents. The payment will be made to Ruul, which will then be distributed to the designated talent accounts. For employee payroll management, organizations can use the EOR solution which enables them to manage expenses, labor taxes and employee payouts. 

Reasons to Use Ruul 

✓ Easy to use

✓ Multicurrency converter

✓ Customized invoicing 

✓ Free legal agreements 

✓ Free marketplace feature

✓ Global coverage

✓ Flexible and transparent commission fee 

✓ Legal compliance over +120 countries

✓ Live support whenever needed


Ruul offers free sign-up for talents who want to find work and work with employers on the platform. The company will take a commission for invoicing only after the talents receive their earnings from the projects. Individuals can choose if the commission amount should be deducted from the client’s or from their side. 

➢     No starting/ joining fee

➢     No maintenance costs 

➢     No paperwork 

➢     Digital invoicing using special software 

Business organizations can hire individuals to work on remote teams without spending too much time and money on paperwork and red tape. The EOR feature (Employer of Record) makes it easy to hire individuals from any part of the world in the simplest manner with a cost-effective flat fee.

Pros & Cons 


✓     User-friendly interface 

✓     Secure and fast services 

✓     Excellent customer support 

✓     Cross-currency invoicing and payments 

✓     Trustworthy and transparent 

✓     Options to reduce the commission rate with higher volume 


✗     The invoicing system has a few hiccups
(Let’s elaborate on this. We have a user-friendly dashboard that instructs users to complete their transactions easily by themselves and offer manuals and live support whenever they would need.)

Final Words 

Ruul is a comprehensive platform for talents and organizations to work on remote projects from anywhere in the world. The platform is a great choice for freelancers, SMBs, startups and large organizations. 

Though the platform uses Euros as the preferred currency, users can convert the payments to their national currencies. Ruul has a 4.7-star rating on Trustpilot and is one of the fast-growing remote work networks in the global market. Sign up for free.