Collaborate, Improve Productivity & Inspire Creativity With ReviewStudio’s Online Proofing Software ( Tried and Tested)

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Online Proofing Software

While the shift to digital has been gradually taking place over the past couple decades, many teams in advertising, marketing, video production and design creatives in general are still using paper-based methods or long-chain emails for approval and proofing. This creates a lot of technical and practical barriers. A more engaging and modern way is to make use of an online proofing software that is more efficient, manageable, and accessible. Online proofing platforms help save time, improve collaboration, and also get the work approved really fast. And ReviewStudio makes it all intuitive. 

What Can You Do With ReviewStudio? 

ReviewStudio resolves a lot of issues experienced by teams looking to get good feedback and approvals. The common issues include:

  • Separate emails chains, large attachments, and files to be downloaded
  • Comments that are not in consolidated, miscommunication, and work taking too long to be approved
  • Conflicting feedback, and interpretation errors
  • Confusion about the most recent version and why certain changes were made 
  • No central location for the work and no proper tracking of responsibility

If the above-mentioned issues are something you commonly face, then ReviewStudio is your go-to choose. It provides an excellent platform to creatively collaborate and create a review and approval workflow that helps you streamline your online proofing process.

ReviewStudio is one of the highest-rated online proofing platforms and is power-packed with features. The most important aspect of any proofing platform is how it can improve how your team collaborates. ReviewStudio keeps all members of a team on the same page. Whether it is a PDF document, a video, or an HTML file, it helps with intuitive tracking of feedback, tasks, revisions, and approvals. Files can be accessed from a single cloud based and centralized location.ReviewStudio reduces the bottlenecks in your projects by giving you some crucial features.

  • Markup and comment on wide range of documents such as images, videos, and PDF files
  • Follow up and track the status of all reviews in your personal dashboard
  • Do a side-by-side comparison and easily visualize changes
  • Add attachments as references in comments
  • Tag teammates with @Mentions to highlight comments and feedback
  • Presentation mode to review and collaborate in a virtual meeting with content review done in-sync

Who Is It Meant For?

ReviewStudio is a highly advanced online proofing platform for creative professionals who need to collaborate with clients or team members. It helps you effectively gather feedback and track revisions on your documents from conception to completion. Just about any team can benefit from this tool – including marketing teams, advertising agencies, video & graphics studio, and design teams.

What Makes ReviewStudio So Good?

Any online tool requires an excellent support system to really set themselves apart. The team at ReviewStudio goes to great lengths to provide great service. You also get a customized domain to manage reviews and customized branding options. 100% SSL encryption,99.99% uptime, 24×7 monitoring, and fast responsiveness, means you’ll see great workflow improvements and with peace of mind.

With a focus on prioritizing “practice over process” and providing a creative tool that is highly user-friendly, ReviewStudio is priced very attractively. Depending on your needs, you have the flexibility to choose from multiple options at very reasonable prices. The annual billing starts as low as $15/month. They also allow you to create custom plans to ensure its online proofing pricing meets your specific needs.

Final Verdict

When we ask the question, who benefits from online proofing, it includes a very wide range of people including individuals, teams, or any agency that is involved in creating content that requires feedback and approval. ReviewStudio is an easy-to-use, centralized review and approval tool that is a centralized workflow platform. With robust messaging options, on-screen markups, live and independent review sessions, and personal branded dashboard, ReviewStudio is a hard-to-miss online proofing platform.