Review:Best Access Database Repair tool of 2018 - How to fix & repair -

Review:Best Access Database Repair tool of 2018 – How to fix & repair

My name is Abigail Matthews working as a technology expert with TechPcVipers team  for more then 10 years now.I love technology related products.Few days ago my important tables and reports got corrupted and hence after searching for long hours on internet i found Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair software is the best access database repair tool which finally repairs my corrupted tables and report.


I downloaded this software and tested the 30 days trial version spending a lot of time in exploring the other features of this access repair tool.

I request my readers to read the full review of software so that they will get an what exactly it is and how it works.

What is Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair tool?

Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repairis a simple, professional and user-friendly tool which uses it’s advanced algorithm to scan and find corrupted access files and then repairing and restoring the same file to their default or user-specified location.

Let’s quickly understand the key features of this access repair tool:-

A perfect solution to repair access database

If you are looking to repair corrupted or damaged .ACCDB & .MDB files then Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair will resolve your problem and this powerful application can easily find database issues occur due to hardware failure or software conflicts.

 A special ribbon arrangement feature

The interface of this tool is user friendly and easy to use as all the options such as ‘select database’, ‘Save’, ‘stop’ &  ‘exit’ are arranged in ribbon style

 Recover and restores relationships & objects

A relationship exists between two relational databases when one has a foreign key that references the primary key of other table while information is represented in the form of objects in database and the above tool is perfect to recover relationships and objects.

 An option to select or find damaged access files

This tool has a special features to select and find damaged access database files located in your system.

 Recovery of  filled in any other languages as well

Stellar Phoenix Access database repair has the power to recover the data which is filled in other languages as well.

 Recover data from Linked tables

Access database linked to any other database if get corrupted or damaged is easily recoverable with this access database recovery tool.

 Preview After Scanning

A preview is available of each scanned object by this access database repair software.For all tables the preview is available in 2 columns ‘table data & column separately’

 Find Tree Item option

The ‘find tree Item’ feature on the ribbon searched for all the objects on the system but you can choose to go for preview and recover selected objects that you want to.

 Recover deleted Records in the Table

Recover all your deleted records in the database with this best access database repair tool.

 Recovery of all access database objects is possible

This powerful tool is capable enough to repair tables, queries, forms & Indexes, recovery of macros, modules and relational database objects so overall complete access recovery is possible.

Why Best Access Database Repair tool and is it safe?

This professional access repair tool is powerful, intelligent and uses repair algorithm to repair the fields of tables, queries, reports, forms and indexes and 100% safe to use on windows OS as developers ensures about safety and privacy while designing the software.

Download & install the software now if you want to fix corrupt or damaged Microsoft Access files.

Follow the simple steps given below to know how to repair and recover the database.

Step 1:- Select or search the corrupted database access file for repair.


Step 2:- Searching is finished and now you have to select the file from drive that you want to repair.


Step 3:- Start repairing the selected file.


Step 4:- All corrupted files are repaired successfully and now click on ok to see the preview of your database objects.


Step 5:- Preview of the table data separated into data & column separately


Step 6:- choose your preferred location to save your repaired database as by default the database is saved at same location where corrupted database was present.


Step 7:- Repair Database is saving now and file saved successfully.


OS Support and MS Access versions

MS Access:2016/ 2013/ 2010/ 2007/ 2003/ 2002/ 2000
Operating System:Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7/ Vista / 2003 / XP

Final Conclusion:-

I hope you understand how this access database recovery tool works and what kind of database access files it can recover.

After testing all the features of this tool i would like to say that it is  the best access database repair tool which is simple to understand, easily repair and recover all access database files and you will definitely like the cool and interactive interface of this powerful tool.

I understand that $99 price is is too high but your important database is repair and recovered in few steps by just sitting at home and no need to step out of office hence i think you must try once.