Reliance Jiophone 3 Touchscreen Smartphone will Launch in June 2019 – Price, Features

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Reliance Jiophone 3 Touchscreen Smartphone

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The Jiophone versions have achieved great success in the market, as it is known as the most budgeted device for the customers all over the country. The Reliance Company have not stopped after their predecessors. The company is once again coming up with another version of the Jiophone. Jiophones have always made a special place within the Indian customer’s heart. Now, the customers will be once again impressed and satisfied with the most budgeted smartphone in the digital market.

Jiophone 3 is going to be the latest launch by the company. It is expected that the price of the model will be approximately Rs. 4500, which is entirely a budget price for such a fabulous device. However, the price is not confirmed yet. Jiophone 3 will be launched in June this year. Also, the phone will be having more features than that of its predecessors.

The operating system of the device would be Android Go, which is Google’s lighter version of Android. Jiophone 3 will be a touchscreen device. Of course, if you are a Jio Phone user, then you can very easily get upgraded to the third version of Jio Phones. The main specifications of the device would be 2GB RAM and 64 GB ROM. The device would also include a 5MP rear and 2MP front camera. Though it is an entry-level smartphone, yet the features of the device would be pretty significant and would thoroughly impress the smartphone users with its budget price too.

Final Conclusion

Of course, the device is still to launch into the market. Until its launch, be prepared to purchase the great device from the Reliance industries. Hopefully, this will be an excellent smartphone for all Indian customers regardless of their age groups.

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