Empower Your HR- Make Recruiting Easy with Recruiteze

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Recruiting is a time-consuming, cost-intensive, and energy-draining job. But it is an inherent part of the HR department’s duties. The responsibility lies with HR, right from posting and publishing jobs to processing the applications, screening applicants, interviews, doing a background check, and finally choosing the right candidate for the job. 

While several software systems and service providers aim to simplify the recruiting process, not all are suitable for every business. If some cater to enterprise-level companies, a few are too simple to be compelling enough. Wouldn’t it nice to have software that can scale as per the changing requirements? 

Recruiteze is a recruitment tool that lets your HR team post and publishes jobs to several job boards with one-click, track, organize, and sort applications. The data is stored in the cloud and sorted to make things simple and easy. 

Overview of Recruiteze

Recruiteze is committed to providing a more straightforward and effective solution to recruiters to fill the positions in less time, without compromising the quality. If the job openings are being filled faster with top talent, it will save your business a lot of time, money, and effort. 

The company currently offers two software solutions- Recruiteze, an applicant tracking system, and iReformat, an automated resume formatting service for third-party recruiters. 

We are going to discuss Recruiteze in this post. 

Features of Recruiteze 

The following features of Recruiteze help recruiters manage their complete recruitment lifecycle from posting jobs to hiring the employee. 

1.Broadcast the Job Openings: Instead of posting the job openings on different online platforms one at a time, post them at once with a single click. Be it Glassdoor, Google Jobs, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and more. 

2.Track Applications Online: Track the applications received from candidates and filter based on customizable screener questions. It also allows you to process your applications using customizable workflows to track your hiring metrics.

3.Access to Cloud-based Servers: Your recruiters can work on the go or from any location by connecting to the cloud servers through the internet. Recruiteze is a cloud-based applicant tracking system; you can access it anywhere you have an internet connection. It helps your entire team work together effectively while also building your resume database.

4.Customer Relationship Management: If you are a third-party recruiter, you can keep all your notes and communication in one place to have an informed relationship with your clients, prospects, and vendors. 

5.Integrate Email Address: Connect your email account so that you can use your organizational email account for all communications from Recruiteze.

6.Sending Bulk Emails: Send personalized emails to candidates grouped under a specific category with a single click. As long as you are not spamming, bulk emails are an excellent way to broadcast newsletters or messages to many contacts and candidates. 

7.Tag and Filter Applications: Create unlimited tags to sort and filter applications. Set custom parameters and organize the applications in the easiest possible manner.  

8.Customize Forms: Create customized screener questions based on a specific job or role. Screener questions will allow you to effectively capture the required information to pre-qualify an applicant for employment. 

9.Create Careers Page: Create a custom career portal to manage all your active jobs on your career page. You can also embed the job widget on your career page so that you can have a tightly integrated application process. 

Recruiteze Pricing 

The company offers five different pricing plans to cater to all kinds of businesses. Whether you own a startup or an enterprise, or a multinational company, there is a plan designed for your recruiting requirements. 

👉   Free Plan  Free to use for 1 user, support for 500 candidates in total and email support from the company 

👉   Startup Plan – $24.95/ month, five users, three active jobs, 24-hour email support

👉   Pro Business Plan  $49.95/ month, ten users, ten active jobs, 24-hour email support

👉   Enterprise Plan  $99.95/ month, twenty-five users, twenty-five active jobs, 24-hour email support

👉   Custom PlanContact the support team to get a customized pricing plan designed exclusively for your business.

The company offers a 15-day free trial on the Startup, Pro Business, and Enterprise plans. You can save up to 30% on either plan by opting for the annual package instead of the monthly payment plan.

You can change your price plans anytime you want. There is a downgrading button to change your plan. The new pricing plan will be effective from the next billing cycle. 

Final Conclusion 

Recruiting is a time-consuming process involving many documents, emails, notes, and communication. Without using an effective tool like Recruiteze, you will spend hours of valuable time managing the paperwork while not talking to the candidates.

Recruiteze is the best small business applicant tracking system to manage your entire recruitment lifecycle at an affordable price. Try Recruiteze free today!