Recruit CRM Review:- Features, Pricing & Benefits

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Recruitment is vital for every business. While some companies rely on the HR department to handle the process of hiring new employees, other companies prefer to use third-party services offered by recruitment agencies. Either way, it is the recruitment team that works day and night for weeks to complete the hiring process. 

Wouldn’t it be great to provide them with some support? Technology has made it possible to streamline and automate recurring tasks in day-to-day operations. The same is possible even in recruitment. 

Today, we’ll be discussing Recruit CRM, a software that combines ATS and CRM systems to help recruitment agencies work faster and better. 

Recruit CRM - Recruitment software for staffing agencies

The software can be used to track applications and send the details to clients and get their feedback. There’s no need to use multiple systems to keep track of individual projects. 

Recruit CRM – How Does it Work?

  • Deployment 

Recruit CRM is deployed via the cloud and can be used as a web application. You can also use the mobile app of the software to work on the go. The mobile version is available for Android and iPhones.  

  • Integration 

The software can be integrated with about 3000 different applications without any effort. Set up triggers to automate processes like sending emails and SMS, receiving notifications, and requesting client feedback.

Data can be automatically be updated by the software each time a form is filled and submitted. What if you need to set up more automation? Simple. You can use the built-in templates for this purpose. 

  • Chrome Extension 

Recruit CRM can be used as a Chrome extension so that you can directly work on the data from LinkedIn. Make notes, set reminders, assign potential candidates to jobs, and so on. The software can be used with all versions of LinkedIn. 

  • Free Posting

Posting the job advertisement on job boards like ZipRecruiter is now super easy. Yes, Recruit CRM does it for you in a jiffy. The data from the job boards are automatically added to your database. 

  • Kanban Boards 

As a recruitment agency, you need to know how things are going. What better than a Kanban board to show you your business position? Keep track of your projects and your revenue using the same software. 

Features of Recruit CRM 

Recruit CRM has many features that make the hiring process effective and efficient. You can save time, money, and effort while increasing the quality of work. Keep your clients happy by delivering top-quality recruitment services. 

  • CRM and Sales Reports 
CRM Reports
  • Dashboard for ATS and CRM
  • Email and SMS Integration 
  • Plug & Play Integration
  • Resume Database (with auto-updates)
  • Data Import and Export 
  • Self-Posting on Job Boards 
  • Application Sharing and Applicant Tracking
  • Calendar Sync 
  • Multichannel Communication 
  • Social Media Integration to Capture Leads
  • Private Cloud Storage Services and many more

Benefits of Using Recruit CRM 

  • Save time using the resume search and parsing features 
  • Send automated emails to applicants and clients 
  • Generate invoices and forward them to the clients using the same software 
  • A dashboard to keep track of all projects (and details of their various stages)
  • Identify potential revenue areas to increase the return on investment 
  • GDPR compliant software that guarantees data privacy and security 
  • Three price plans to choose from, depending on your business needs

Recruit CRM Pricing 

You can try the trial version of the software before opting for a paid plan. The trial version gives you access to all features of the software, though it restricts the number of candidates and contacts to 50 each. You can get up to a 20% discount for Team and Business plans if you choose the annual package. 

👉   Team Plan

It is suitable for startup recruitment agencies with a lesser number of members in the team. The plan costs Rs. 3000 per user per month. 

👉  Business Plan 

It is suitable for established recruitment agencies that want to streamline their business processes. The plan costs Rs. 4500 per user per month. It has all features of the team plus access to API and a phone calling and recording facility. 

👉  Enterprise Plan  

This plan doesn’t have a trial version. It has been designed for agencies with more than 100 users. At Rs. 5000 per user per month, the enterprise plan is available only for annual billing. From custom branding to providing you with a dedicated account manager, this plan offers several features required for large-scale recruitment agencies. 

Final Conclusion 

Whether you want to customize the job pages or build a bulk resume database, it is all possible with Recruit CRM software. Smart work gives better results and gives you more opportunities to grow your recruitment agency into a bigger company. 

Using the right software can help you optimize your resources, enable team collaborations, and increase returns. Recruit CRM is one such software that lets you control various elements of your business from a single platform.