Reasons You Must Try Out This Dedicated Server

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When the whole world is making their presence online, it’s really important to make a mark. And the first step to that is getting a good standard server. A server is like your website’s home. Therefore, you got to understand the requirements of your website. If you are very serious about taking your business high, you should consider a server that gives your website a premium look and feel along with a solid performance. Hence, opting for a dedicated server makes sense. 

But, Why Consider A Dedicated Server?

Having a dedicated server means that you can have an entire server to yourself. You won’t have to share your CPU time, RAM or bandwidth with other websites, unlike shared or reseller hosting. This ensures that your website stays responsive at all times.

While shared or reseller web hosting can appear to be of great value, with feature-packed options at an affordable price, it can’t give you the exclusivity of a dedicated server. 

Dedicated hosting gives you far more control over how the server is configured. You can install updates, add and remove software, or play around settings, to optimize the server as per your desire.

Thankfully, dedicated hosting always provides fast and knowledgeable support. 

These kinds of facility don’t come cheap but are worth every penny. However, when you decide to go with this kind of investment, it’s important to make the right choice. In this article, I will reveal the most trusted dedicated server

Why Did I Choose GigeNET?

GigeNET, formerly known as GlobalWebHost, was founded in 1997 and specializes in dedicated server hosting. With data centres located in various parts of the United States, GigeNET has an experience of serving customers across 140 nations.

The reason I chose GigeNET is because of its fastest-route optimized network and unparalleled facilities across the United States. The kind of security level it offers at such a reasonable price is impressive. 

Moreover, GigeNET also offers custom dedicated server hosting solutions for the unique needs of any sized organization. 

Also, migrating from my old web host to GigeNET was super easy and hassle-free. 

GigeNET offers a super-fast network that thrilled me in the first experience. Additionally, they have the availability of on-site engineers 24/7.

If you want to handle heavy traffic loads during your busy season, meet rigorous security requirements to protect your dedicated server’s valuable data, or need lightning-fast responsiveness to prevent latency, GigeNET is the solution. 

GigeNET boasts excellent reviews from their partners for being the leading dedicated server solution provider for over 20 years.

Must-Try Features of GigeNET

  • Competitive price
  • Efficient tech support
  • Fully customizable dedicated server offerings
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • World-class commitment to quality and service
  • 15-minute max response time for support tickets
  • 10TB public bandwidth
  • Full use of private network
  • Software firewalls upon request
  • Free Webmin for UNIX and Linux OS
  • One-hour hardware replacement guarantee
  • Enterprise-ready data center with fully redundant power, cooling, and networking

Type of Servers Offered

GigeNET lets you focus on your goals while they would focus on your server. So, see the variety of server solutions that GigeNET offers.  

Single Processor Dedicated Servers

This offers Xeon-D, created from a partnership between Intel and Facebook. These type of dedicated servers support dense, rugged hosting workloads. Supported by a suite of enterprise-grade hardware, GigeNET claims that their newest addition to the GigeNET dedicated server family will provide a combination that will give tough competition to others.

Dual Processor Dedicated Servers

This type of server, boasting Dual Xeon E5-2630 v4, is a high-performance system having increased memory and a wide variety of technologies to support complex processes. Dual E5 is used for high-end workloads where power is essential.

Fully Managed Servers

This type of server is designed to host your web infrastructure at peak performance. With managed services from GigeNET, you would never have to focus on anything but your core offering.  

Final Thoughts

With the high-grade hardware and world-class support, GigeNET has made a name for themselves in the realm of dedicated servers. If you are somebody looking for a premium IT infrastructure solution, look no further. GigeNET dedicated server has proved its name to me and helped me make my goals a reality.