Rake Review:- A Convenient Messaging Platform for Businesses

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Internal communication within a business is crucial for day-to-day activities, isn’t it? Interacting with stakeholders is just as important. We need to keep them updated, exchange ideas, give and take suggestions, and ensure that everyone has the latest information with them.  

Various apps enable communication between multiple parties in an enterprise. But none of them offer all that you need. Isn’t that why you have multiple communication systems in a business? From Slack to Microsoft Teams, you use each software solution for a different purpose.

Rake brings them all together to create a two-way omnichannel messaging platform with a knowledge base. 

Overview of Rake.AI

Rake has been designed to create a complete messaging platform that connects the entire enterprise in the best possible way. It connects people to people, people to machines, and even machines to machines to bring together the internal and external stakeholders on the same page. 

The company believes that businesses with communication channels are well equipped to deal with the challenges in the market. 

Features of Rake 

What makes it different from other messaging and communication platforms? What features of Rake help a business of any volume and bring all its employees and stakeholders onto a single platform? Let’s take a look at the features in detail.

Live Web Chat: Rake lets you customize chat widgets to create a live chat on your website using minimum coding. It has been proved that live chat has enabled up to 4x conversions. 

Live Website Visitor Monitoring: Keep track of the website traffic and know where your visitors are from. Get details of their location, the duration of the current session, and much more. 

Website Visitor Chat Invitations: Send customized messages to website visitors by saving Quick Replies. Send pre-written answers to recurring questions with a single click. 

Channel Messaging: Create separate channels for each department and team. Let employees collaborate and communicate anytime. 

Direct Messaging: Allow employees to send one-to-one messages for faster interaction. There is no need to send emails or make calls. 

Share Anything: Files, images, and documents– share them with others through Rake easily. The platform stores them automatically and retrieves them when you want to view the files again. 

Session Transfer: Transfer chat sessions to other team members and make it easy to solve a problem or complete a process.  

Session Tracker:Monitor what the support staff or the customer care agents are typing in response to queries. Take over at any time and have control over the conversations. 

Programmable Proactive Messages: Send proactive messages to website visitors and prompt them to check out a product or service. Make visitors spend more time on the site and increase the conversion rate. 

Two-way SMS: Get two-way SMS numbers for SMS marketing. Allow the target audience to reply to the messages you sent. 

Connect to Facebook Messenger: Connect Rake to your Facebook Messenger and bring all chats on a single platform. 

GMB Messaging: Enable messaging on your GMB profile so that users can directly contact you through the search page. 

Add tags to every conversation and categorize them accordingly. You don’t have to worry about missed leads anymore. 

Knowledge Base: All the necessary information, FAQs, and other details are stored in one place in the knowledge base. This makes it easy to answer questions and share information with ease. 

Get real-time alerts, analytics, and much more using Rake. 


The company provides three pricing plans to suit the varying needs of different enterprises. Rake is available as an app for Android and iOS mobile platforms as well. 

  • Rake 10- Free: Up to 10 users, 5 chat domains, 5 chat widgets, 500 SMSes, unlimited search history, and onboarding consultation. This is ideal for startups and small businesses. 
  • Rake 25- $50/month: Up to 25 users, unlimited chat domains, unlimited chat widgets, 1000 SMSes, unlimited search history, and onboarding consultation. 
  • Rake Unlimited- $75/month: Unlimited users, unlimited chat domains, unlimited chat widgets, 2000 SMSes, unlimited search history, onboarding consultation, and assign roles and permissions. 

You can add extra members to any of the plans at $5/month per user. 

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Final Conclusion 

When you can use a single messaging platform for all communication purposes, why search for anything else? Do you know that more than 95% of the messages are read in the first minute after they are sent? Imagine how easy collaborations would be and how effective the results would turn out to be. 

Start using Rake and empower your employees and stakeholders. Streamline communication and create successful collaborations. 

Contact Rake Team via email – hello@rake.ai or call on the number: +1844-725-3249