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How do we get feedback from customers, employees, and prospective leads? How do we understand what the target audience wants from the business? The simplest way is to ask them, isn’t it? But how? Surveys, of course. Don’t we see online survey forms on social media? Some of them even pay people to fill the form. Some platforms pay users to participate in surveys and give their valuable opinions. 

Conducting a survey is not as easy as it sounds. It can be cost-intensive, even with different platforms offering free standard templates for surveys. Analyzing the feedback to understand what needs to be changed is a bigger challenge.

Qwary offers an easy solution, an omnichannel survey platform that lets you get feedback from a wider range of audiences, irrespective of the industry your business belongs to.  

Qwary Review


Qwary is a survey platform that lets you create survey forms, share them with audiences of your choice, collect feedback, and analyze them to gain in-depth insights and make the right business decisions. 

Features of Qwary 

Qwary offers a multitude of features that make it a simple task of conducting a survey and using the feedback to create reports. Let’s take a look at some of the features below. 

  • It is now super easy to send anonymous survey links.  
  • Create survey forms on the website to ask for customer feedback.
  • Get updates about the response rate of the survey form straight to your mobile phone (via SMS).
  • Create QR codes, download them, and scan them to provide instant access to the survey form. 
  • Send emails with invitations to take part in the surveys. Track the process at every step and send a final thank you note to the users for providing feedback. 
  • Conduct a survey through Facebook Messenger by directly interacting with each user. 
  • Gain access to the world’s first voice-driven survey through Alexa integration. 
  • Gain access to the audience panel with more than 100 million buyers using the world’s largest survey panel of Qwary. 
  • Make most of the data collected through the surveys by integrating Qwary with SalesForce, Hubspot, Google, Zapier, etc. 
  • Access APIs and webhooks for better results. 
  • Conduct surveys in multiple languages. 
  • Conduct video surveys and get the recordings directly sent to you. 
  • Qwary protects confidential data by implementing industry-approved security standards. 
  • Use the survey forms on various channels to get the opinions of users from various market segments. 
  • Use the forms for market research to understand which products/ services are in demand, the expected pricing, future trends, brand resonance, and more. 

Make the most of Qwary and turn your business into a customer-centric model. Let your HR team ensure employee happiness and increase their productivity at work. 

Businesses belonging to retail, healthcare, hospitality, education, B2B, etc., can benefit from using Qwary to conduct surveys. 


The company has three plans, each for individuals and businesses. 


  • Individual- $35/month, 1000 responses, unlimited surveys, 2GB file storage, standard reporting, file sharing, etc. 
  • Business- $32/user/month, 5000 responses, unlimited surveys, 2GB file storage, video, and multilingual surveys, advance branching, etc., 


  • Individual- $70/month, 3000 responses, video surveys, multilingual surveys, response count quota (plus all that come in the basic plan). 
  • Business- $75/user/month, 10,000 responses, 6GB file storage, Alexa survey skill, remove Qwary branding, NPS Trend, NPS Dashboard, CSAT/CES/Ratings Dashboard, etc. (and everything that comes with the basic plan). 


  • Individual- $129/month, 5000 responses, 6GB file storage, remove Qwary branding, API access, webhooks, etc. (and everything else that comes with the advanced plan). 
  • Business- a customized plan based on the business requirements and includes all features of the advanced plan). 

The company offers a free 7-day trial with access to all types of questions, 100 responses, three projects, and one active project


👉  Students (for project work) are eligible for a free PRO plan;

👉  Startup businesses are eligible for a 50% discount on all yearly plans; 

👉  Non-profit organizations can get a 60% discount on the PRO yearly plan. 

Final Conclusion 

You don’t need to second-guess if your customers are satisfied or if your employees are happy. Conduct a survey and get their inputs in real-time. You can access all data in one place by integrating the software with various business systems. 

From a startup to a large enterprise, any business can use Qwary to understand customers, employees, and target audience. Make better business decisions and provide exactly what your customers want.  

Qwary FAQ’s

  1. What does Qwary Free Plan includes?

Get access to all question types, 100 responses, 3 projects and 1 active project in the free plan

2. Is your data Safe and Secure?

Qwary store all data on Amazon Web Service Cloud (AWSC) and data center located in Northern Virginia (USA)  so  Qwary is vigilant about customers’ privacy

3. Can I cancel my account?

Just login to the Qwary account and cancel or downgrade your subscription anytime or you can directly send an email to support@qwary.com