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Quality marketing content is very sparse on the internet, to the point that if it’s done right, it’s likely to go viral, like brand Twitter conversations and Duolingo’s aggressive notifications.

Quality Marketing Content

There are a few pillars of quality marketing content, that is 1) a given, and 2) doesn’t answer the question.Marketing guides will lay out that quality marketing content achieves the marketing objectives, ranks well on Google and is shareable, but how do you make content that is shareable? What is shareable? What is achieving the marketing objective of gaining and keeping the attention of consumers? We break it all down here.

Quality Content adapts to the platform

The data shows that users are becoming more aware of when they are looking at an advertisement, and if you take a scroll through any given platform you’ll see why: they stick out. Usually this is due to the fact that companies are making one piece of content, usually a generic representation of a product or business, with no thought as to how it will appear on the platform.

There is a reason there are dozens of popular social media platforms out there. They each have their own identities and personalities. If you’re going to make quality content, it should adapt to the general audiences of the app. For example, Pinterest has a general vibe to be to collect pretty visuals, so for a sports brand talking about the mud and sweat of working out, would stand out in a bad way. Instead, for instance, show visuals of nature, wolves, mountain ranges, and other “pretty” things associated with sports.

Quality Content offers more than a product

There are a lot of reasons people watch online content, and finding what to buy is one of them, but it’s not a conscious one. People are looking for their items organically, while on a conscious hunt for entertainment, satisfaction, or learning.

The learning aspect is currently the most popular. The long history of “lists” and “tips” content on the internet is now followed by content that offers up some sort of insight on anything from a makeup tip to carpentry. Products and services that can be incorporated into content that also tells you something is quality content.

Satisfaction can be boiled mostly down to the “oddly satisfying” genre, or anything that is pretty. If you demonstrate the use of your products or services and can perhaps show a before and after, it will scratch that area of the brain that is looking for improvement.

And then there is entertainment. If your company has an entertaining aspect, like Casino777 online casino or delivers streaming content and videos, you can demonstrate its effectiveness in content with demonstrations or even skits. This is where the use of a mascot would be superior.

Quality Content is personable

User habits are also changing to become distrusting of brands. They want to know that the brands they buy from have the same priorities as them, but brands aren’t a fan of becoming political on any level.

There is a way to get around this: getting personal with your content. Feature your staff in your skits, record team activities and show the world that your team is made up of good people who are having a fun time at work.