Qualetics Review 2023: AI-Based Data Intelligence as a Service Platform for Business (Updated)

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Qualetics  - Data Intelligence Platform

Data-driven insights have become a part of most businesses. Data analytics and business intelligence are being used by organizations to make data-driven decisions to fuel growth. Data intelligence provides you with the necessary information to form a comprehensive opinion about the topic. The insights are derived from historical and real-time data collected from multiple sources. 

However, adopting the data-driven model in a business requires investment. You should set up the IT infrastructure for data collection, processing, and analytics. Or you can rely on a third-party service provider to deliver the insights through embedded platforms.

Qualetics is a data intelligence platform that delivers BI services to SMBs and large enterprises in the global market. The company offers embedded self-servicing analytical services in real-time; that too for affordable prices. 

Let’s review Qualetics and its offerings in this article

Company Overview 

Qualetics Data Machines Inc. is a US-based data intelligence service provider. The company was founded to help businesses leverage artificial intelligence and access deep insights required to sustain market competition and become successful. It emphasizes the importance of using AI-powered analytics to unlock business potential. 

Qualetics can be used by business owners, marketers, product managers, CROs, customer service agents, developers, and many others. It delivers web and mobile analytics in real time. Get product, performance, customer, software quality, and embedded analytics to make informed decisions for your business. 

How to Use Qualetics?

1.  Sign up and create a free account on the company website.

2.  List out the applications you want to track using the platform. 

3.  Add the applications to the platform. 

4.  Create accounts to track data (it can be employees or customers).

5.  Generate API credentials for the applications and accounts you want to track. 

6.  Use the SDK Integration feature to complete the integration process.

7.  Cross-check that the data is being streamed seamlessly and without errors.

8.  Get the insights as and when required. 

9.  Use the visual reports to easily understand the insights and make decisions. 

10. Use API to Embed the insights into your own Administrative or Customer facing portal to productize your insights.

11. For B2B businesses, provision access to B2B customers to access their dedicated portal monitor their own insights (Ex. See the trending keywords and results in Search Analytics or the users that are most engaged with you web or mobile app) 

Key Features of Qualetics 

Software Quality Analytics 

Track the quality of each software product you create. From the early testing stage to launching the product, ensure that the quality is top-class and the software has no bugs/ glitches. 

Product Quality Analytics 

Have a clear picture of how the product is doing in the market. Anomalies, overall product performance, user journey, etc., are tracked to deliver real-time analytics.

Performance Analytics 

These analytics are best for B2B organizations. Know how your software and products are performing at the client level and ways to increase the quality of services. 

→ Customer Behavior Analytics 

  • Understand how customers react and interact with your products. Determine customer satisfaction based on an array of parameters. Categorize customers and get in-depth insights. 
  • Understand user engagement (B2C) and client engagement (B2B) to identify and prioritize the support for your most active and engaged customers which is analyzed using AI.

→ Search Analytics

Does your app or software product have a Search feature? Understand what users are searching for and what results they are engaging with using the Search tracking API.

API Integration

Use Qualetics API to integrate it with your existing systems. Get the insights directly delivered to your dashboard in real time.

Collaboration Tools 

What to share the insights with team members, stakeholders, etc.? Use the collaboration tools provided by Qualetics to share the reports with a click. Embed analytics with seamless ease. 

Other Features 

▪  Interactive Dashboards

▪  Notification alerts

▪  API monitoring 

▪  Event-based notifications 

▪  Scheduling maintenance 

▪  FTP and SSL monitoring 

▪  Mail server monitoring 

▪  Password protection for pages 

▪  Web and mobile monitoring 

Qualetics Pricing 

The company offers four price plans with additional analytics as add-on services. 

·   Free Plan: One user; suitable for low user activity; tracks up to 100,000 events per month  

·   Growth Plan: $99/ month; up to ten users; suitable for high user activity; tracks up to 500,000 events per month; all features of free plan and advanced collaboration tools

·   Premium Plan: $199/ month; up to twenty-five users; suitable for multiple customers and apps; tracks up to one million events per month; all features of the Growth plan and additional support, API integration, and automated insights 

·   Enterprise Plan: customized to suit your business specifications; white label and custom integration services, plus more; contact customer support  

Startups and small businesses can use the free plan and upgrade to the Growth plan as the business operations expand. The subscriptions are billed monthly, making it easy to upgrade and downgrade based on your needs. 

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Final Words 

Qualetics Data Machine provides AI-based Application Performance Monitoring tools to deliver analytical insights in real-time about software quality, products, employee performance, and customer behavior. The company also offers white-label analytical services for large enterprises. You can own and customize the software without developing it from scratch.

With more than twenty-five AI algorithms and more than 50+ insights, Qualetics provides accurate and actionable insights on the web and mobile applications. It is easy and convenient to use, whether you own a startup or an established business. 

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