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From times since businesses have been in operation, more often than not they have served the unmet needs of their customers and continue to do so. As times have changed, customers have transformed into users and advocates for almost all products and services imaginable. Today’s organizations want users who not only use their products or services but also give meaningful reviews and feedback

This loop of usage, review, and feedback is only possible when customers transform into users. Now how is that possible?

Simply put, this is only possible when the Web, Mobile, Software or Server app owners offer a seamless and enhanced experience – which we know as CX or UX – to their users. CX/UX or Customer experience or User experience is extremely important and vital to your business as long your business is run by Software. 

Enhancing CX or UX is easier said than done and it takes a lot to ensure that users come back for more into your app/Software product environment or ecosystem frequently and also spend a lot of time there. This is where understanding User Behavior is vital.

Understanding User Behavior is possible and easy as long as the app owners have the singular focus, i.e., on their Customers or Users. Measuring and Monitoring User Experience in order to enhance or improve upon the same is possible via User Behavior Analytics or User Analytics.

Qualetics has a suite of User Analytics, thus adding tremendous value to its customer relationships to enable them to enhance their products and services to add even more value to their customers or users.

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Let’s have a sneak peek at what all is offered by Qualetics as a part of its User Analytics suite – 

  • First is the User Summary metric, which informs customers about not only the total number of users their apps have but also how many of those are active, on an average how many users are active at a given point in time and the total number of sessions these users have logged on to specific platforms. This gives a fair idea on the usage pattern of the users.
  • Next is the User Location metric, which informs customers about the exact city and within it the pin code or the zip code from which the users have visited their apps. This helps with demographics and segmentation. 
  • Next is the User Growth metric, which informs customers about the growth in the number of users month-on-month. This will help realize if the tactics and strategies being deployed for user growth are a success or not.
  • Next is the User Behavior Flow metric which by far is the game changer as far as any customer is concerned and this is a trump card for Qualetics rather it is an Ace up Qualetics sleeve. Why so? Simple. With this metric, Qualetics enables customers to understand where and when in the entire user journey within a Web, Mobile, Software or Server app a specific user faced bottlenecks or seams. As a result, this helps customers understand more about the Bugs, Defects, Latency issues and/or user friction points to be worked upon so as to improve User experience.

Still thinking about adopting Analytics? Do you wish to continue your journey without focusing on your user experience and your user behavior? 

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