ProTexting Review 2023:- Is It Right SMS & MMS Marketing Platform for Your Business ? (Updated)

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Protexting - SMS Marketing Platform

SMS marketing is one of the most used strategies to promote a business. Even in times of advanced technology, an SMS message is a highly effective way to reach a wide range of audiences. In fact, a research study found that SMS marketing is 98% open than email marketing and has a 9.18% higher CTR rate compared to other marketing channels. 

The biggest advantage of SMS for marketing is that even the basic mobile phone models have this feature. An SMS can be sent in various languages, and this helps to reach even remote audiences. 

According to Text Local, 48.7 million people showed preference to receive promotions through SMS messages. Using SMS messages to stay in touch with customers and target audience is a cost-effective and profitable marketing strategy. 

However, you need a comprehensive setup to streamline the process and send messages to customers as per the plan. Using software that can be integrated with your existing database and CRM software to send bulk and customized SMS and MMS messages will streamline the process and keep you at the top of your game. 

Overview of ProTexting SMS Marketing Platform 


ProTexting is more than a regular SMS marketing platform. With more than sixteen years of experience in the industry, the platform has almost 10,000 clients and sends messages to phone numbers from 200 countries around the world. 

The statistics speak for themselves, don’t they? There’s more, of course. ProTexting can be integrated with Amazon Seller accounts and Shopify accounts to send regular updates to customers. 

What Makes ProTexting the Best SMS & MMS Marketing Platform? 

ProTexting offers several features, apps, and widgets to boost your marketing efforts and build a loyal customer base. 


1.) Two-Way Messaging 

Allow customers to respond/ reply to your SMS messages. The system is customized to accept provided keywords or codes and send a relevant reply to the user. 

2.) Group Texting Feature

Segregate and categorize the target audience into groups and send SMS promotions accordingly. It’s easy to execute targeted campaigns by creating a specific plan for each group. 

3.) Data Analytics


What use is the platform if you cannot know how the campaigns are working? ProTexting offers data analytics and reports to track the performance of your marketing strategy. 

4.) Autoresponders

Running Drip campaigns is now super easy with ProTexting. Pick a keyword that matches the brand and set up the auto-reply feature. Grow your subscribers and get increased returns. 

5.) Importing Contacts

The contact details will be different databases and spread across the organization. Bring them together and import them to the platform. Don’t miss a single contact. 

6.) Image and Video Messaging

Send MMS messages to customers with smartphones to keep the promotions interesting. 

7.) Social Media Integration

 ProTexting can be integrated with your business’s social media accounts to collect contact information and send messages to users who share their phone numbers. 

8.) Mobile Marketing Compliance

The platform has been designed to comply with the industry standards of data privacy and data security. Give confidence to your customers that their contact details are safe with your business. 

What Else Does ProTexting Mobile Marketing Offer?

The company hasn’t limited its services to send bulk SMS and MMS messages on behalf of the clients. ProTexting offers various other solutions designed to help with mobile marketing and increase the return on investment. 

➢ White Label Solution 

Top brands and agencies like 100% customization and branding. ProTexting provides White label software for large enterprises and even medium-sized marketing agencies to develop their own messaging platforms. The company has to date, helped as many as 5000 businesses, agencies, universities, and other organizations by providing a top-class White label solution for their messaging needs. 

➢ API and CRM Integration 

Adding existing software to the ProTexting platform will expand the scope of its usage. From managing mobile keywords, contacts to getting data feed and providing an easy way for the customer to opt-in to receive the messages, ProTexting provides REST API documentation for system integration. 

➢ Automate SMS Marketing 

Schedule the messages and automate the process by integrating the platform with accounts like MailChimp, Google Calendar, Zapier, VerticalResponse, and so on. We’ve already seen that ProTexting works seamlessly with Shopify and Amazon Seller accounts. 

ProTexting Pricing Plans


There are 5 types of pricing plans. Choose the one that fits your budget:-

1.) Startup ($49/month)

  • Instant access to worldwide messaging
  • Free apps included
  • Emojis enabled 
  • 1000 Credits
  • 1 Keyword

2.) Economy ($79/month)

  • Instant access to worldwide messaging
  • Free apps included
  • Emojis enabled 
  • MMS enabled
  • 1700 Credits
  • 2 Keywords

3.) Standard ($149/month)

  • Instant access to worldwide messaging
  • Free apps included
  • Emojis enabled 
  • MMS enabled
  • 3300 Credits
  • 4 Keywords

4.) Business ($299/month)

  • Instant access to worldwide messaging
  • Free apps included
  • Emojis enabled 
  • MMS enabled
  • 6700 Credits
  • 6 Keywords

5.) Corporate ($499/month)

  • Instant access to worldwide messaging
  • Free apps included
  • Emojis enabled 
  • MMS enabled
  • 11000 Credits
  • 8 Keywords

Benefits of using ProTexting SMS Marketing Platform

✅  Free Unlimited signups

✅  Free Unlimited Incoming Messages / Replies

✅  Unlimited Groups to Organize Contact

✅  Change Your Mobile Keywords at Any Time

✅  No Contracts, No Setup Fees 

✅  Unlimited Email & Phone Support 

✅  Daily Backups

✅  Extended Education Center

Final Conclusion 

ProTexting is suitable for a business or marketing of any size. It connects the traditional and digital marketing methods by acting as a bridge between them. From sending updates about their orders to taking feedback and sharing coupon codes, you can use an SMS message for most communications. 

Adding a shortened URL to the SMS is no big deal either. People with smartphones can easily open the link and fill out the survey forms, give feedback, or pay for the order/ service. ProTexting is simple, easy, and effective. Check out the free demo to get a better idea about how the platform works. 

 For more detail or schedule a FREE DEMO call Protexting team:- 1-800-258-9115