WonderFox Video Watermark Review – Protect Your Video Copyright with Watermark

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People around the world spend time watching videos online almost every day, which stimulates the development in the industry of video creating. But it occurred that the situation of stealing is also spreading out at the same time. People’s awareness of knowledge copyright is getting stronger and stronger and ask tools to protect their own videos such as watermark. In terms of a watermark, there seems to be more for photos than videos in the market. Some of these video watermarks are disappointed in using, either poor in functions or complicated in operation. If you are looking for a suitable one, we are providing an optional solution for you: WonderFox Video Watermark.

Let’s start our exploring today!

WonderFox Video Watermark is a full-featured tool with mighty characteristics which will make you amazed

User-Friendly Interface

After you download and install this software, the main interface will present in front of you.

There are two ways of adding video files as it guides, one of which is to click the button—Add Video, the other of which is to directly drag your files onto the interface. Then, all of the buttons in grey will brighten at once. Here you can see three options for you to add watermarks: Add Text, Add Image, and Add Shape.

Mighty Watermark Form Supporting

Add Text: As the name indicates, it enables you to add text for your video anywhere and even the time you want. There are flexible parameter setting for you to adjust according to your desire including font, opacity, rotate, alignment, scrolling, etc. After you clicked the Add button, the text watermark would appear on the screen and also, on the right side of the interface, it will show your watermark record in the rectangle frame for checking.

Add Image: Over 150 image watermarks come with the program for you to select, beyond which, you are allowed to upload your images so that the alternative images are countless. Resize, opacity, rotate, alignment and other settings are also available to change.

Here I would like to introduce the image formats it supports for watermark:

Besides the common formats like JPG, JPEG, PNG, it also contains DIC, DCM, WMF, VDA, JP2, etc. Therefore, there is no need to worry the formats you can’t find in this program.

Add Shape: You are able to add the shapes like rectangle, circle, curve, line segment and so on onto the video with different colors. Adjust common settings is also available for you.

In addition, it supports adding watermark to multiple videos at the same time that you won’t be annoyed by the time-consumption and tedious process anymore.

Whether adding text or adding image and shape, the operation is similar and easy to use for beginners or skilled experts as long as you follow its guide.

Video Converter Functionality

After talked about its gorgeous core feature of adding watermark, you might be amazed by the video format converting.  It perfectly supports the popular input formats involving AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4, MKV, 3GP, RM, FLV, SWF, and so on. It also has the ability to make the video to output formats as follows: AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4, MKV, 3GP, RM, FLV, SWF, etc. It is such an all in one tools for video watermarking to fit everyone’s need. Of course, you can adjust the parameter settings to satisfy your desire which is provided by this fabulous utility.

Built-in Video Editing

It definitely also supports editing video as other video tools do but without quality loss absolutely.

Whether brightness, contrast, saturation, mosaic, or blur, sharpen, emboss, noise, old film, flip horizontally, and flip vertically, no matter what you want, I believe you can find it here through this video watermark tool.


 [wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark” wrap=”i”]  Distinct and simple-to-use interface.

 [wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark” wrap=”i”]  Have the ability to watermark videos in multiple forms, including text, image, shape, and upload your own pictures.

 [wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark” wrap=”i”]  It enables to batch add watermark in many videos.

 [wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark” wrap=”i”]  Add the watermark for the whole duration according to the timeline for the video or just a segment of it.

 [wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark” wrap=”i”] Automatically adjust the relative issues of the watermark like size, alignment, rotate and so on.

 [wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark” wrap=”i”] Also a video converter program more than a video watermark utility and won’t be inferior to other according tools.

 [wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark” wrap=”i”] Support converting different video formats.

 [wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark” wrap=”i”]  Enhance your video by making special effect.

 [wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark” wrap=”i”] Create nifty dynamic watermark.


If you add several watermarks like above and the watermark at present is for shape, you can’t make any change for the image or text, which is a little inconvenient for operation.

Final Verdict

Honestly speaking, at present when the awareness of knowledge copyright is rooted in people’s mind, such video watermark tool is quite necessary for one who creates videos, which is not only the protection for the result of the original maker, but the stimulation for more creations. I can’t imagine that how disordered the relative industry would be for protection. Now just feel free to download and install to have a trial and then check whether it is suitable for you. Anyway, I highly recommend to have it a try. What are you waiting for?