Primary App Review 2020 | Is it the best app to streamline your project designs?

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In the lifecycle of software development, it is crucial for the developers, the clients, and the project managers to be on the same page. The clients should have a clear picture of their requirements, and the developers need to visualize how the end product will turn out. Humans are wired to relate to visuals more than they do to cold hard facts. This is where Primary comes in. 

It is a common platform where the user and the developer can come together to establish and visualise what jobs the app will perform and what process it will follow. It is a Melbourne based young company with an international team of marketing, software and UX professionals from all over the world. They aim to infuse modelling methods and tools to agile software development lifecycle which used to primarily focus on agility and responsiveness to change.

Exciting features of Primary App

  • End-to-end descriptions – Primary projects the entire process of the product and showcases a macro-level interaction between certain personas with the business, also known as ‘Journeys’. These journeys consist of a number of stages, not all of them involving the app necessarily. They put forth a bigger picture of the behavioural aspects of the app. 
  • In-depth walkthrough – Primary aims to make use of ‘narrative paradigm’ and weave stories that describe how the apps will work, thus navigating through client requirements smoothly and keeping the developers in the loop. Primary also helps its customers walk through its user flows with clients and stakeholders. 
  • Attention to detail – The stories of the user flows are enriched with key details like rules, forms and data elements which captures the whole picture without diverting the narrative. Logics, conditions, inputs and data are stored centrally and applied when needed.  
  • Sprint development – This app is built to handle software development in sprint. Development and testing are done simultaneously which is tracked through the Primary app, so that the model stays relevant to the system that’s developed. 

How does the user benefit?

  • Continuous communication – Primary’s business model enables continuous discussions among the client, the developers and the managers. This is to ensure that each party has a clear idea of what the end product will look like and how it will behave. The regular interactions also bring about changes in the development stage, thus helping both parties establish the final idea of the software.
  • Well-defined inputs and results – Close, daily cooperation between businesspeople and developers and regular adaptations to changing circumstances help to nail down all possible inputs and their probable outcomes.
  • Easy to understand – Primary’s flow-based model is easy to understand and can be easily interpreted by both technical and non-technical people. It is not too technical, nor is it only about the macro level. Primary incorporates only the necessary technical details that aids in better understanding of the process.

Who can use Primary App ?

  1. Project Sponsors
  2. Product Managers
  3. Product Designers


Agile design for digital products, Primary is an agile modelling tools that models your applications as user flows which can be easily interpreted and implemented by product teams, developers and designers. Currently it is using around 20 technologies, while collaborating with teams on real time to focus on their mutual goal.

Alternatives of Primary App

There are a few viable alternatives for Primary that the users can try out.

  • JIRA Agile – This tool adds another layer of for agile project management and interacts with other major tools simultaneously 
  • Active Collab – From juggling tasks to time tracking to handling accounts, Active Collab performs all its operations smoothly from conception to competition
  • Agile Manager – HP’s Agile Manager is built to organize and guide the teams from planning to development to deployment. It also works with multiple major tools like Jenkins, Git, Bamboo, Eclipse etc.

Get Primary App now

Software development lifecycle may seem like a complicated world, if not explained in simple terms especially to non-technical people. The agile modelling tool Primary aims to bridge the gap between the business people and the developers by narrating the whole model in a way such that both the parties can visualize the idea behind the software development. It also keeps track of the whole process and streamlines the whole flow. With multiple pricing options, availing their services is super cost-effective. They also have a free trial for 1 project with 8 user flows. So, get Primary App today.