PQ Hosting Review 2023:- Safe, But Is It Worth The Price?

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PQ Hosting - VPS Server

Web hosting services have high demand in the global market. Though there are 1.6 to 1.9 billion websites on the internet, only 400 million are active. However, it is still a huge number, and there is a constant need for hosting services. 

Business and professional websites require premium servers with reliable data security, speed, and customer support. After all, a business website cannot be down or unavailable for long. 

PQ. Hosting (Perfect Quality) Hosting offers multiple server options to host websites for cost-effective prices. 

Let’s review the company and its services in this post. 

PQ Hosting Overview 

PQ.Hosting is a website hosting service provider from the Republic of Moldova. The company was founded in 2019 and has more than 30K clients from different countries. The team offers quick and effective setup services and processes a new client’s request in thirty minutes. 

The company is highly particular about the quality of hosting services it provides. All servers and hardware are owned by the company. There’s a team to monitor the network and ensure high uptime without the risk of glitches, bugs, or crashes. PQ.Hosting has data centers for servers in twenty-seven countries across Europe, North America, and other continents. 

PQ.Hosting Servers 

Businesses prefer to choose servers from different regions based on their target audience. This improves the loading speed of the site. PQ.Hosting offers various locations to choose from, along with different types of servers. 

VPS/ VDS Servers

A VPS is a Virtual Private Server. Sometimes called Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS), it is located on the cloud and works similarly to a physical server. The company has VPS in thirty countries, with two more on the way. It uses Intel Xeon CPU. Software like Virtualmin, Hestia, CyberPanel, VestaPC, etc., are pre-installed and available for free (charges included in the overall pricing). 

Hi-CPU VPS/ VDS Servers 

PQ Hosting Hi-CPU virtual private servers are located in DataPro, a leading data center in the Russian Federation. These servers are virtual but offer greater security and protection. The network speed is also higher. 

DDOS-GUARD provides DDoS protection with Intel E2288G used as server processors. The company also has NVMe disks and DDR4 ECC RAM to further enhance data security, stability, and speed. 

Dedicated Servers 

PQ.Hosting offers dedicated servers with the highest protection and zero load restrictions. It is a great choice for medium to large websites that constantly deal with confidential data. These are located in Moldova, Netherlands, and Russia. Businesses can ask for customized plans based on their requirements. 

Reasons to Choose PQ.Hosting 

  • The company offers fast and reliable services. The initial setup time is less than half an hour. 
  • The technical team is available 24*7 and responds quickly to queries and complaints.
  • Multiple locations to choose from and more are being added regularly. 
  • Licensed software and premium hardware are owned by the company. 
  • Easy-to-use control panels and multiple-OS compatibility. 
  • Data centers with high security and surveillance. Modern DDoS protection to minimize the risk of cybercrime.  
  • Free migration services and full control over the features. 

PQ hosting Pricing 

PQ.Hosting has a varied price range to suit the requirements of different clients. More than 35000 happy clients so far..

More than 35000 clients

The basic plan for VPS/ VDS server starts at 4.77 € per month, with 1GB RAM and Ubuntu compatibility. The biggest plan costs 151.00 € per month, with 64GB RAM and compatibility with different operating systems like Windows, Kali Linux, Ubuntu, and ISO. 

All plans offer access to multiple control panels, virtualization of KVM, and unlimited traffic. The network speed depends on the price plan (and bandwidth). 

Clients who choose quarterly pricing are eligible for a 5% discount. Semi-annual pricing has a 10% discount, and yearly pricing comes with a 15% discount. 

The pricing for dedicated servers is as follows:

Black Opal: 150 €/ month; 32GB RAM, 2*480GB SSD disks, 2xIntel Xeon E5-2680v2 20×2.8GHz CPU, and 1Gbps port 

Red Beryl: 220 €/month; 64GB RAM, 2*480GB SSD disks, 2xIntel Xeon E5-2680v2 20×2.8GHz CPU, and 1Gbps port

Pink Diamond: 330 €/month; 128GB RAM, 2*960GB SSD disks, 2xIntel Xeon E5-2680v2 20×2.8GHz CPU, and 1Gbps port

Blue Diamond: 380 €/month; 256GB RAM, 2*960GB SSD disks, 2xIntel Xeon E5-2680v2 20×2.8GHz CPU, and 1Gbps port

VPS/VDS Server located in

Pros & Cons 


✓ Several server options 

✓ User-friendly interface 

✓ Affordable pricing 

✓ Fewer crashes or glitches 

✓ Data centers in multiple locations 

✓ Greater bandwidth and speed 


✗ Customer support can be better 

✗ The server quality is not great 

PQ Hosting Reviews


Final Words 

PQ.Hosting is a reputed web hosting company offering an array of servers and hosting plans for clients from different industries. It is a suitable option for startups as well as established multinational businesses. 

With reliable customer service and support who were always happy to help if you face any issues, PQ.Hosting has established itself as a worthy competitor in the global market. We are happy to use the company’s services and find it stress-free to use a dependable web hosting service provider. 

Give PQ hosting a try and let us know your experience.