Porkbun Review 2024 – One Stop Solution for Domain Registration and Hosting Services

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Porkbun  - Domain Registration and Hosting Services

In this digital era, if you have a business, it is a must to do marketing and promote your business online to grow it. Every business must have a website to promote and showcase all its products or services.  It should be easy for people to learn about your products or services.

Each website has a domain name, which is a name that represents the address of your website. A good, snappy, relatable, and memorable domain name makes it easy for users as well as search engines to rank your website well. You can register a domain with any domain name registrar, however you also still need to get a web host to host your website as well as an email service provider, and all three should have a high level of security features.

Finding a good registrar and hosting provider that offers domain registration, web hosting services, and email hosting, all while having high levels of security, is not easy. This is why we’re featuring our friends over at Porkbun.com – a domain registrar and hosting provider who offers all these services in one place.

What Services Does Porkbun Offer?

Porkbun is a US-based domain name registrar and web hosting provider that offers many diverse hosting-related products, including domain names, web hosting, email hosting, and more.

1.) Domain Name Registration: Porkbun offers domain name registration services at a reasonable rate and affordable renewal prices. At time of publication, pricing starts at $6.50 for the .com domain for the first year and the renewal price is only $9.13 per year. They often cost half as much as r big name domain name providers and have a cleaner interface to boot.

2.) Web Hosting: Porkbun has secure hosting services and offers a robust platform to launch websites. Everyone requires a hosting web service that’s durable, easy to operate, and reasonable. They offer a free SSL certificate so your site is secure, and multiple hosting options from beginner to advanced.

3.) Email Hosting: Emai is the easiest way for others to contact you online. Porkbun offers both free trials of email hosting and free email forwarding.

Why Go for Porkbun?

  • One-Stop Solution: Porkbun offers everything you need for your website, including hosting, domain registration, emails, security, and a whole lot more. So you can choose it as your one-stop solution. 
  • Competitive Pricing: Their domain registration, hosting, and  renewals rates are very competitive  compared to all other domain registration or hosting services providers. 
  • 5 Star Rated Services: You can go through genuine 5-star reviews and ratings from authentic clients on various platforms like Trustpilot & Google
  • Various Domain Extensions: Porkbun offers hundreds of generic (gTLD), international (ccTLD), and new (nTLD) domain extensions. So you can select something more specific to your industry or region and really clarify your brand.
  • Support and Services: Porkbun team is available 365 days a year including holidays to offer you support and services via phone, email, and chat. They also have a robust knowledge base of help articles including several videos to help guide you through most tasks
  • Speed: A good experience that satisfies your needs. 

Extra Features You Get Free With Porkbun

  • WHOIS Privacy:  Free WHOIS Privacy is included with all supported Porkbun domains so your confidential data is hidden. An essential security feature offered for free instead of an upcharge.
  • SSL Certificates: SSL certificate is free with a domain purchase as security is essential for a website. The certificate covers your whole domain and is renewed automatically for free as well.
  • URL Forwarding: You can redirect or forward your domain to another with 301, 302, or masked forward for free. 
  • Email Forwarding: With a Porkbun domain purchase, you will get 20 free email forwardings.
  • Email Hosting Trial: Porkbun’s domains come with a free email hosting trial. Using your domain for email is a trusted  way to add a professional feel to your business. 
  • Web hosting trials: You can easily try Porkbun hosting features and test the speed, uptime, and other features for any website, including WordPress, Static, PHP, Weebly site builder, etc. 

This is all free with every domain purchase at Porkbun!

Comparison of Porkbun with GoDaddy and Namecheap 

Domain Registrars Comparison

Costs, as of publication

  • Porkbun: Charges for a standard domain .com $6.50 in the first-year sale and 9.13$ for renewal charge. 
  • GoDaddy: Charges for a standard domain .com $11.99 in first-year sale and 18.99$ for renewal charge. 
  • Namecheap: Charges for a standard domain .com $8.98 in first-year sale and 13.98$ for renewal charge

SSL Certificate

  • Porkbun: It offers a free SSL Certificate with each domain. 
  • GoDaddy: It charges $63.99 – $295.99 for SSL Certificate. 
  • Namecheap: It charges $5.88 – $120.88 for SSL Certificate. 


  • Porkbun: 9-5 pacific, 365 Days via Chat, Email, and Phone
  • GoDaddy: 24X7 via Chat, Email, and Phone
  • Namecheap: 24X7 support via Live Chat and Ticketing System and Email

Customer Satisfaction

  • Porkbun: It has 4.8 Star with 1402 Reviews on the Trustpilot Platform
  • GoDaddy:  It has 3.9 Star with 22019 Reviews on the Trustpilot Platform
  • Namecheap: It has 4.4 Star with 7973 Reviews on the Trustpilot Platform

Domain Retail Markup

  • Porkbun:  Standard $1 markup + transaction fees
  • GoDaddy:  100% markup
  • Namecheap: 30% – 40% markup

Final Conclusion

As Porkbun is providing totally free privacy and SSL so we recently purchased 3 domains from them and found that it’s a reliable web host service and domain provider giving their customers 99.99% of uptime.

Create your own website at affordable pricing.

Let us know your experience with Porkbun.