Pixiko Review 2024: Online Editor for making video content in your browser

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How is it possible to catch the eye of social media users or website visitors? The undeniable answer is visual enjoyment. That’s why there is a lot of video content on the Internet. All marketing experts and social media managers know it and search for an editor where different tools carry out their tasks. Moreover, it’s better to avoid downloading software or an app and make a video project directly in a browser at any time. Pixiko meets the needs easily! Let’s talk about it.

Pixiko Online Video Editor

Who can use Pixiko – Online Video Editor?

This editor is good for everyone who creates video content. It’s useful for social media managers, who make video posts or stories. Content managers also can use the editor for creating videos for website product pages, blogs, articles etc.Photographers and clip makers also can become users of Pixiko because there are all common tools for making a full professional video from other videos or images. Bloggers, designers, game streamers, marketing managers, TikTokers, students, and other video lovers will find the service useful for them.

How to use Pixiko?

At the beginning, the editor was an MVP version where any user could make initial actions such as uploading a video, adding titles and subtitles and embedding an audio. Currently, it’s more than a primitive product. However, it continues developing and getting users feedback for future modifications. It’s possible to use transition effects between different objects (videos, images, text layers, shapes), apply graphic effects to pictures, videos and text, play with time effects etc. Here objects can be merged, trimmed, split,looped reversed, animated, cropped, rotated, resized etc.

How to use Pixiko

All files are located on the timelines and are available for modifications.


It’s necessary to choose an object and heap with different effects. Pixiko possesses good properties which allow using an endless number of effects for any video, image or text. For example, a title can appear from any corner waving, shine with neon among bubbles and disappear with reverse printing and fading.

Choose an object

Video or a part of a video can be reversed and looped. Moreover, there is an opportunity to change the speed of the whole video or take a certain part and speed it up or apply a slow-motion effect. There are popular filters and animated masks such as blur, black-and-white, vignette, retro, glitch, rain, firework and so on.

Video Speed

All these features are good for making a preview video, ads, social media stories and posts, branding videos etc. The Pixiko interface is quite understandable. Moreover, the website offers many tutorials with images and videos. There are also templates for making commercial and non-commercial videos quickly.

Video Templates

Everything on Pixiko is for creating cool video content.

Why Pixiko?

A good number of users who want (or need) to make video content don’t have computers and laptops with powerful graphics cards and chips which can process a great amount of data. That’s why Pixiko is an online editor who doesn’t care what a device is used. The Internet and any browser are two friends who provide any user with an opportunity to make awesome video content without buying and downloading PC software. Pixiko doesn’t check a quantity of cores and available memory, because all processing is carried out on its network servers. According to its functions and data processing, Pixiko is presented as something between a browser platform and PC software.

Pixiko has one special feature for every effect. It can be applied not only to the whole file but for a certain part of it. For example, it’s necessary to make a slow-motion effect only at the beginning of a video. There is no need to split this video and add the effect to the separated part. It’s possible to set time for every effect directly in settings of the effect.

Video effect

The video editor is ready for changings. The developers’ team has created the Roadmap where users can read and vote for future modifications and offer their own ones.

Free Trial

Pixiko is available for everyone. It doesn’t claim registration for editing. All tools and free stock files are accessible for any visitors. So, it’s a platform which can be used for free. However, there are some limitations. A project has the Pixiko logo. It can be stored during only 2 days (if a person is registered). Maximum video length is 15 min, storage size is 500 MB. After editing, a video is generated in a common queue together with other users’ projects. It takes time but if a user is registered, the generated project will be sent to his or her email.

Pricing Plans

There are three pricing plans for carefree video editing.

The first one offers a one-time payment which allows getting rid of the Pixiko watermark. Every user without a subscription sees this option right after video generation.

Pixiko Watermark

Month subscription and year subscription give more opportunities. A user gets them right after buying the subscription. His or her videos are generated much faster than projects without subscription because they are in the priority queue. All edited video projects are stored during the subscription period plus 2 days after it. The project size is 700 Mb and its length is 30 min now.

Monthly Subscription

Final conclusion

Explore Pixiko and find it useful for creating awesome video content. Share it with your friends directly from the website or post it separately from your accounts, channels, websites etc.

Check out the Pixiko platform and be ready to create a masterpiece.

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