PDFBlade Review: A Robust API for HTML to PDF Conversions

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Developers work with endless pages of code. It’s common to constantly run, edit, and rework the program in the backend. However, saving this data can be tricky, especially if you want to maintain a copy for each stage. Sometimes, you need to gather code from HTML pages and other URLs. Copying the content isn’t always an option, as it messes up the format and causes more errors. 

PDFBlade is an innovative API for developers to convert HTML files into PDFs. Of course, it is not limited to coding. Any HTML content can be converted into a PDF file and stored on the cloud with a single click. Sounds great, right? 


Let’s review PDFBlade in this post and see what it offers. 

Company Overview 

PDFBlade is a developer-friendly API that converts plain HTML and URLs into PDF files. These files are saved on the Amazon S3 cloud. The API is created by Andrew Schmelyun, a full-stack developer. He works on several innovative side projects that help developers streamline their work. 

PDFBlade is one such project that has become popular with many software engineers around the globe. The API was launched in 2020 with the core aim to convert lengthy HTML pages into customized PDFs. The service works with any language (absolutely no restrictions).  

Features of PDFBlade 

→ Easy to Sign-up and Use 

There is nothing complicated about PDFBlade. You just have to create an account by signing up and starting using the API. No waiting time. No need to download any software or plug-in. The entire process takes only a handful of minutes. Once done, you can use the API anytime if you have credits in your account. 

→ User-Friendly Dashboard 

Every account holder will be provided with a dashboard to keep track of the converted files. It is mobile-friendly and can be accessed from different devices. You can see the previously converted files and their information (date, time taken for conversion, etc.).

PDFBlade Conversions

Simply click on the link to access the file on the cloud. You can download/ move it to another location. 

→ Options for Customization 

How can an API created for developers not offer customizations? PDFBlade currently provides fifteen options to format the PDF output. There are more than 12 page formats. You can disable JavaScript, images, or both. You can add your own CSS styles, headers, etc. Customize the converted PDF as per your requirements. 

→ No Restrictions 

There are pretty much no limitations on how to use the API. There’s only one factor to keep in mind. The PDF cannot be more than 100MB. Apart from this, no don’t have to worry about the number of conversions per day/ month, subscription plans, etc. Buy credits as and when necessary, based on your usage. 

→ Budget-Friendly 

PDFBlade aims to offer useful services to developers, software engineers, and anyone who wants to convert HTML to PDFs. Hence, the pricing is budget-friendly and convenient. No recurring payments or expired credits. 

→ Image Generation 

The API has had the latest update to offer more exciting services. The URLs and HTML can now be converted into PNG images. You have the option to choose between PDF or PNG image (or both). With the files automatically saved on Amazon cloud, you don’t have to worry about data security, either. 


PDF Blade offers easy and cost-effective price plans. The conversions are charged through credits. You can buy credits in bulk and add them to your account. The API will continue to deliver by deducting from the credit balance. 

PDF Blade Pricing

20 credits are priced at just one dollar ($1). There are six options to choose from:

  • $1- 20 credits 
  • $5- 100 credits
  • $10- 250 credits
  • $15- 500 credits 
  • $25- 2500 credits 
  • $50- 5000 credits 

The credits will roll over to the subsequent months until you use them all. There is no expiry date. 

Final Conclusion

PDFBlade is an efficient and user-friendly API with great customization parameters. The interface is clean and fast. Once you sign into your account, you can access all features through the dashboard. Click on the documentation tab to know more about the services and features offered by PDFBlade. 

We have been using the API to convert different types of HTML files into PDFs and images. The process is seamless and hassle-free. PDFBlade can be anyone who needs to collect data from URLs. New account users will get 20 credits for free when they sign up to use PDFBlade API.