A complete overview of Cloudwalks Cloud Hosting Service

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Cloud has become a necessity for modern-day businesses as along with providing accuracy and efficiency, the cloud is proving to be very economical and cost-effective as well. This is one of the main reasons why so many businesses are flocking to the cloud computing platforms and a major portion of this move includes small and medium-sized businesses. More and more businesses are realizing about the benefits of cloud computing and it is acting as a springboard for the movement to cloud computing platform. Now SMEs don’t have stomach for using traditional solutions and this is another reason why the movement to the cloud platform is not a doubt for SMEs.

Although there are many different types of cloud computing applications, most of the businesses are using cloud hosting solutions in order to step up to the plate and begin on the right foot. Before things can spiral out of control, SMEs make the paradigm shift to the cloud computing platform. You should know that one cloud computing solution that is used by almost all the businesses out there is QuickBooks hosting and in order to take advantage of cloud hosting solution QB hosting, you will need to choose the best cloud hosting provider as well and what can be a better choice than Cloudwalks.

The journey of Cloudwalks so far

Cloudwalks has made a reputed name in the industry and we have witnessed a proliferation in our customers right from the beginning. We have experience of more than 7 years in the cloud hosting industry and till now, we have served a gigantic customer base of more than 1500 businesses from all around the world. We offer high-end cloud hosting solutions for different types of accounting and tax software but we are mostly known for our brilliant QuickBooks hosting solution and it is one of the major highlights of the cloud hosting services that we offer.

Our main motive is to equip as many businesses with powerful cloud hosting solutions as possible and we keep making changes and improvements in our existing service to make our cloud hosting service more beneficial for our clients. Since we have served businesses from various industries, we know what your business needs in terms of cloud hosting more than anyone else. It doesn’t matter whether you are running a completely new business or in a very specific industry, we will always fulfill your cloud hosting needs through our robust cloud hosting services.

We are the cheapest QuickBooks hosting provider

One of the first things that business owners or accounting professionals look for while choosing a cloud hosting provider is their price. There is no denial in the fact that cloud hosting is itself a very economical option but we at Cloudwalks, make it more cost-effective by offering the cheapest QuickBooks cloud hosting solution in the market without compromising on the quality of our cloud services. You should know that we have focused on providing cloud hosting services to SMEs and accounting professionals at cheap prices right from the beginning and this is one of the main reasons why we have always kept our prices minimal.

After comparing our cloud hosting services with other cloud hosting providers, you will realize that no one offers the prices below what we offer. There are some QB cloud hosting providers that will even charge you double the price that we offer and even they will offer the same level of cloud hosting service or even below what we offer.

What we offer?

Here is a long list of services that we offer in the form of cloud hosting:-

· QuickBooks Pro hosting

· QuickBooks Premier hosting

· QuickBooks Enterprise hosting

· Quicken Hosting

· Sage hosting

· Lacerte hosting

· Drake hosting

· ProSeries hosting

· ATX tax software hosting

What Cloudwalks offers along with its Cloud Hosting Service?

When you will choose us as your cloud hosting partner then you will not be limited to only cloud hosting services as we offer many other benefits along with our cloud hosting services as well.

  1. Round the clock customers support

We give round the clock customer support to our clients without charging any extra price because we know how important it is for clients to keep the focus on the core operations of the business instead of dealing with IT issues. No business or accounting professional will wish to deal with IT issues because most of them don’t have any technical background and even if they have a technical background, no one wishes to waste time dealing with IT issues. Our round the clock customer support is provided by a team of the best IT experts.

2. Automatic backup

We know that permanent data loss is the worst nightmare of any business owner or accounting professionals and this is why we offer nightly backup along with our cloud hosting service. If you will choose Cloudwalks as your cloud hosting partner then words like complete data loss will become completely meaningless. We backup your data at multiple locations and that’s why in case of any type of disaster, you will be able to recover your data and resume your business without any delay.

3. Free trial

If you want to try our cloud hosting service before actually buying our package then you can go for our free trial. You will just need to fill a form and provide some basic details about yourself. After that, you will be able to use our free trial and analyze how our cloud hosting service matches your specific business needs. After the free trial, you will be free to make the right decision since we never tie our clients.

What’s included in our Cloud Hosting Service?

· High uptime of 99.99%

· Lightning fast servers

· Bank-level security

· Economical pricing, and much more

Final Conclusion

Cloudwalks is the leading cloud hosting provider with 7 years of experience in the cloud hosting industry. If you will choose us then you will get a long list of benefits and the productivity of your business will surely increase.