Outbrain entered an agreement to acquire Ligatus with an aim to expand in Europe

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Outbrain Acquires Ligatus

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With an aim to expand its European market and to make a remarkable presence amongst the leading names, the world’s leading and popular native open web advertising platform, Outbrain announced on Tuesday that it has entered into a deal for acquiring Ligatus.

Ligatus is one of the popular names in the European market which offers native advertising solutions. It has its headquarters in Germany, Cologne along with having several offices in Germany, Spain, Belgium, France, Netherland, and Italy.

Ligatus mainly aims towards bringing advertisers and publishers together by making use of trending engagement methods for attracting the right audiences, creating awareness, and high-impact ad placements.

Ligatus monthly ad impressions reach to around 37 billion figure, which is quite an impressive number.

According to the co-CEO of Outbrain, David Kostman, “The acquisition of Ligatus is part of our market consolidation strategy and will allow us to expand our native offering to marketers and strengthen the relationship with our publisher partners.” He further added to his statement, “By combining the sophisticated native advertising offering of Ligatus with Outbrain’s strong targeting technology and reach, the benefit for marketers, publishers and users will be a trustworthy feed of discovery that is powered with a strong underlying, non-interruptive advertising experience. This transaction will grow Outbrain’s footprint in key new European markets and open a premium group of Gruner + Jahr and Bertelsmann publishers to our advertisers.”

Along with this, the CEO of Ligatus, Klaus Ludemann, said, “We are excited to join ranks with Outbrain in order to create a true native advertising powerhouse. This combination will create a win-win for our publishers and advertising partners by leveraging the combined strengths of our teams.”

Both the companies are hoping that this deal will help them in the creation of a powerhouse of native advertising. With this purchase, the company believes that it will have a strong relationship with over 1400 media brands which will further strengthen its position in the market.

Outbrain to buy the fellow native Ad specialist – Ligatus, are you excited for this?

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