Oorwin: An AI integrated platform empowering staffing businesses

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With the changing landscape of today’s commercial avenues, consulting and staffing companies are looking for integrated, remote-based and AI-fueled workspaces. Every office needs one place for their work—from underlining a new sales scope to meeting customer expectations.

As a staffing and consulting company, the thrust is always on clinching more deals, recruiting qualified candidates, and improving employee and staff experience all while ensuring compliance. To effectively manage these aspects of sales, recruitment and human resources, companies need an application that becomes the single source of truth. Oorwin does just that!

About Oorwin

Based out of San Francisco, this SaaS platform offers a single sign-on and  fully-integrated CRM, ATS & HRMS for delivering growth and efficiency for staffing agencies. Currently, hundreds of businesses across India, Singapore, UK and the US are using the platform.

● Availability and deployment: Saas/Cloud/Web-based

● Compatibility: Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows,Mac.

● Free trial: 7 days

● Training: Hands-on training through customer support, help documents, webinars.

● Support: Online, 24/7 

Outstanding features

Disrupting the traditional practices in sales, recruitment and hiring with its simplicity and automation, this unique platform streamlines and integrates processes/operations across numerous geographies and teams. The platform is designed to deliver the best of CRM, ATS and HRMS to its users.

1. CRM


Intelligent Lead management

With Oorwin, you can identify and build prospect data with features like Customer Insights. You can also create custom sales funnels, and close more deals with mass mails with custom templates, real-time metrics etc.

2. ATS

  • Recruitment Automation

Oorwin boosts recruiter productivity with features like  resume and job parsing, candidate assessments, application tracking, pre-screening through chatbots etc. It makes job posting instantaneous and effortless across job boards, social media, website career page and vendor management systems.

  • AI-powered candidate search
Candidate Search

Oorwin’s AI-powered semantic search with configurable criteria and weightages, automated resume harvesting, and intelligent candidate ranking ensures the best match for the jobs. The AI capabilities go even a step forward with suggestions from Oorwin on similar profiles and similar jobs.

  • Effortless Bench Management

Oorwin makes bench management a breeze with features like Job Grabber which automate the process of job search across job boards and resource pool pipeline mapping. 


  • Employee Life-cycle management 
Employee Lifecycle

Oorwin’s end-to-end Human Resources Management solution provides hassle-free remote onboarding features like document management systems, triggers for document expiry, and also inbuilt digital signatures

  • Timesheet & Invoice Management
Invoice Management

Oorwin’s HRMS has features for Timesheet & Invoice Management and also offers integrations with accounting softwares like Quickbooks for seamless accounting.

Other features

  • Plugins & Mobile App

Oorwin offers the comfort of working from your inbox or browser with plugins for Chrome, Office 365, Outlook or Gmail. Oorwin also has a mobile app for ioS and Android giving the flexibility to operate anytime, anywhere.

  • Dashboards, reports and insights

Oorwin offers comprehensive insights through multiple dashboards and reports across all modules – CRM, ATS, HRMS. The reports are real-time and can also be triggered at pre-defined intervals.

  • Omni-Channel Communication

Oorwin offers communication through mails, text messages and even voice calls directly from the platform. The records can also be consolidated under each candidate and job giving complete visibility to the managers.

Pros and Cons


● The platform is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. It’s easy to track the modules and features

● The platform truly offers the best of AI capabilities across features like candidate ranking, similar profiles, closure probabilities etc 

● The platform offers lot of flexibility in terms of customizing hierarchies, workflows, roles etc which makes each user experience unique to them

● The platform has about 100+ integrations across job boards, social media, vendor management systems, VoiP services etc


● The application has a few bugs that could lead to intermittent errors like slower load times etc.


Overall, Oorwin is a very seamless, easy-to-use software for handling staffing processes end-to-end from a single platform.

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