Update [9.5.10 hotfix] OnePlus 7 Pro starts getting The OxygenOS 9.5.10 Update with camera improvement

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One Plus 7 Pro has been able to implement the best of updates and that has been found in the recent news. Formerly, a bug was found in the device after which the tap to wake feature was stopped. Now the new update has been brought forward so that the users can be induced with the system of hotfix. What remains prevalant is the changelog and the only addition that happens is of the fix. This upgradation has been able to bring a lot of positive cganges in the parameters of the camera, optimized sensitivity of brightness. Even the GPS has improved accuracy even when the screen is turned off.

One Plus has declared that OxygenOS 9.5.10 update is undergoing and the hotfix was initiated after the Oxygen OS 9.5.9 was done. It is just a change that has been implemented partially and is going to be full fledged soon. The time is being taken to affirm that there is no prevalance of critical bugs anymore. This will again make sure that the update does not go for a halt like the former version.

Impressive Factors

The most impressive factor is that there is no change in the changelog but only the issue of the tap-to-fix will be changed for the better. The improvements are done in the segments of auto brightness, touch sensor,visual effect, display resolution, intricacy of the GPS and also on the feed back system of the device which is indeed incredible. The camera mode switching can be done in an even better manner and the autofocus can be improved as well.

Talking about some of the very specific features, the new upgradation is yet to bring the best of face unlocking features and better wireless technology. The security breach can be eliminated and there will be automated bug fixing systems implemented in the device so that there are no loopholes for complaint. The network support option is of course lucrative and you will get the recommendation of the updates automatically.