Notix Review 2023 :- Is it the Best Push Notification Service for your Business? (Updated)

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Push notifications are a wonderful marketing tool to share the latest information with customers. It creates minimum intrusion and doesn’t disturb the users. At the same time, this push notification will create an interest in the user to know more about the latest update. 

Push notifications are different from email, SMS. They are short clickable messages that appear as flash messages on the screen or in the notifications bar on the mobile phone. While push notifications are more common in mobile apps, websites are not lagging anymore. 

Sending push notifications is a great way to increase website traffic and convert visitors to customers. AdWeek says that push notifications have almost doubled the click rates when compared to email marketing. 

So how do you set up push notifications for your website? Notix will help you with it. 

Notix Push Notification

Notix is a push notifications service provider with a large client base. The company provides services to startups, business owners, and affiliate marketers to increase user engagement and generate more sales. 

Highlights of Notix 

→ It’s for Free!

Yes, the Notix push notifications service is free to use. You can always subscribe to the paid plans to access more features and customize the options. Want to monetize? Check out the free plan. 

→ Huge Database? Not a Problem! 

Notix can be integrated with a database of any size. Whether you have bare minimum subscribers or tons of them, it won’t affect how Notix performs. 

Subscriber Stats

→ Location-Based Message!

Geo-targeting allows you to send the right message to the right user. If there’s an in-store sale in a region, the push notification will be sent only to those customers who live around the store. Cool, right?

Personalization is Possible 

The customer segmentation feature allows you to categorize users into different segments. The notifications will be sent based on their preferences, locations, language, etc. 

→ Automate? Yes, Please!

Integrate Notix with Zapier, etc., to schedule and automate push notifications. Less work for you that way. 

Desktop or Mobile? Both! 

Notix sends notifications to desktop and mobile phones, depending on what the users choose. More ways to stay in touch, isn’t it?

Benefits of Web Push Notifications 

Web Push Notification

Push notifications are permission-based engagement and marketing tactics explicit answer is required from the user. 

1.) Higher Opt-ins 

Push notifications don’t require an email id or any other contact information. Website visitors are more likely to allow push notifications than subscribe to a newsletter and share personal information. A new visitor is more likely to allow push notifications than subscribe to the website or create an account. 

2.) Better Traffic Rate 

Subscribers and customers don’t always open the emails from businesses. Not many of us are patient enough to read through a block of text and click on the link. However, a push notification doesn’t need any action of that sort. It just takes one quick glance and a click to go directly to the landing page. This increases website traffic and improves the SEO rank. 

3.) Real-Time Results 

Push notifications work like magic for flash sales and limited period offers. Customers will see the words ‘discount’, ‘flash sale’, etc., on the notification and immediately click on the link to check out the offers. It creates a feel of urgency that prompts customers to place an order before the offer ends. 

4.) Potential Leads to Customers 

Users approve notifications when they are curious about your business or interested in what you offer. You can turn a potential lead to a subscriber by leveraging their interest and providing them with useful information. 

5.) Higher Conversion Rate 

What happens when potential leads become subscribers? They are one step closer to becoming your customers. By combining push notifications with other marketing strategies, you can create a path of customer journey and speed up the conversion process. Over time, the conversion rate will increase and generate profits. 

6.) Replace the Mobile App 

If you haven’t got a mobile app for your business, don’t worry. Push notifications can replace the app to an extent. Startups and small business owners with limited budgets can invest in push notifications and expand their market share before spending money on developing a mobile app. 

Notix Pricing Plans

Notix Pricing Plans

Notix plans are easily affordable for any business and free for up to 30,000 subscribers.

  • Free: That includes all features + $30,000 subscribers and unlimited push notifications.
  • Basic: Here you have to pay as per the no of subscribers ranging from $30 to $150 + everything included what’s in free plan.
  • Monetization: Enjoy this plan as here you will get unlimited push notifications, unlimited subscribers and all features.
  • Enterprise: Looking for more then 150,000 subscribers. Contact Notix team and get customized plan.

 What common features you will get in above 4 plans?

1.) Database Migration from another service

2.) Real time statistics

3.) Push Monetization

4.) API integration

5.) Parallel Testing Option

6.) 30% Delivery Rate

7.) Audience Segmentation

8.) Send messages in users timezone

9.) Emoji Support

10.) WordPress plugin

11.) RSS feeds

12.) Flexible subscription prompts

Final Words 

Notix guarantees a 30% more delivery rate compared to other marketing channels. Given the range of features offered by the company, the web push notifications by Notix help target individual customer segments, get real-time analytics and monetize notifications. 

We’ve started using Notix to send push notifications to our subscribers and have seen a substantial increase in website traffic. Our posts get more traffic in less time. Moreover, we’ve also noticed inactive subscribers becoming more active on the website and visiting the site often. Check out Notix to add the plug-in to your website or use the API integration and improve user engagement and ROI.