“No more offensive languages on Skype,” Says Microsoft!

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The use of offensive language in Skype has crossed all the bars, and it’s high time to put an end to it. Microsoft is very serious this time, and it can be depicted by its new rule that is prohibiting the use of offensive language on Skype or else the drawbacks will be harsh. Here is the detailed picture of the code of conduct issues by Microsoft and every Skype user must take it into strict consideration.

What does the Microsoft’s Service Agreement’s code of conduct say?

The code of conduct clearly portrays that any use of offensive language and fraudulent activity is forbidden.  It involves all kinds of inappropriate content like offensive language, nudity, pornography, criminal activities, graphic violence, etc.

What are the repercussions of violating the code of conduct?

  • Microsoft will stop its services.
  • It may result in closing the Microsoft account
  • The communication services will get blocked by the Microsoft
  • Microsoft reserves the right to review the content with a view of resolving it while the investigation is going on.

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What are the problems with this new rule?

The Microsoft has not clarified certain things, and here we have listed the same –

  • On what basis the Microsoft will categorise the offensive words, acts, and phrases as there is a declaration on this point.
  • Skype is a platform that is private and here monitoring the act of using offensive words is quite complicated. If it is any other public social media platform then policing the rule can be easy.
  • Cracking the nutshell of someone’s private content is hard and how it will be done.

Final Words

Seeing the burgeoning online crime and offense the initiation taken by Microsoft is appreciable. Though there are certain hurdles, we guess the company will respond positively and will play its part in stopping the use of offensive language on a platform like Skype with giving it some more transparency. It will also prevent many from becoming the victim.

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