NetNut Proxy Network – Fastest Residential Proxies with Direct ISP Connectivity

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Netnut Review

Call it web scraping, extracting or harvesting – Getting data from the web is a tedious job, not to mention complex. In today’s world, data is the king. Taking this data and translating it into decent business decisions, is what could eventually make your company grow.

But we also have to consider obtaining the data in regards to privacy regulations and Geo-targeted restrictions in different cities and countries. Is there a way to access a massive amount of data while being compliant? How much time does it take? Is there a high-speed proxy service provider? 

Yes, yes, and yes. NetNut is the fastest residential proxy service provider with more than 10 million residential IPs in the network and adding to the list with each passing week. 

Overview of NetNut Proxy Network 

NetNut is providing real residential IP addresses to its users by directly connecting them to ISPs from across the world. This connectivity method made it possible to prevent bans and blocks from the targeted websites. Basically, it means you can find a way around geo-blocking to extract data from the web. 

In addition to the ISP proxy network, NetNut  offers a dynamic P2P network which makes it easier for clients to extract data and create successful marketing, social media, and SEO strategies and deliver its user’s needs. NetNut does all this and much more for competitive prices compared to other proxy service providers. 

NetNut Residential IP Proxy Network Features

The following are the features of the Residential IP Proxies provided by NetNut. 

Fastest Residential Proxy Provider- The company provides one-hop ISP connectivity that doesn’t depend on the end-user. This makes its proxy network much faster and easier to use.  

Static Residential IPs- With a direct connection to the ISPs around the globe, you can have sessions of any duration. Keep them short or long as per your convenience. 

Rotating Proxies – The proxies are set to automatically rotate and change after each session. They can be integrated into any browser.  

Gather Data at Scale – It doesn’t matter what the goal is- if it’s for web scraping, SEO monitoring, ad verification, price comparison, or more. Use NetNut proxy network to gather any kind of data (as long as it is legal in the jurisdiction you are operating from). 

Dedicated Private Pools– Apart from the residential proxy network, you can also be a part of a dedicated private pool (P2P network) that further improves data extraction speed and efficiency. 

IP Whitelisting – Enter up to 30 IPs for whitelisting and logging in with IP:Port format or  Domain:Port format of your choice and tools’ requirements.

Chrome Extension– Why go through proxy integration when you can use the NetNut Chrome Extension to access data on the web? It’s simpler and effective.  

API for Stats- A simple API lets you keep track of the usage stats in real-time. This is apart from the dashboard you are provided to manage your account. 

Dashboard– All your account details, your sessions, the amount of bandwidth/ request you used, etc., can be checked through the real-time dashboard. You can also get country-wise usage statistics. 


Why Choosing NetNut? 

Netnut Features
  1. Speed– Since the company manages everything directly and connects to the ISP without outside support, it offers faster speed than other service providers

2. Stability– NetNut doesn’t use any third-party devices to route its traffic. This makes the network much faster, reliable and stable. 

3. Customer Support– The company offers 24*7 technical support through dedicated managers for each account (conditions apply).  

4. Quality– The proxy network is fully controlled and monitored by NetNut to ensure high-quality services without any disturbances. 

How Netnut Works?

4-Step Process- It takes just four simple steps to create an account and start using the Netnut proxy services

Step1:- Create your account and get username and password.

Step2:– Using the credentials configure your crawler to connect to the network and select your country with a proxy connection string.

Step3:- Netnut Fastest Residential Proxy Network will transparently perform load balancer to connect to the destination URL.

Step4:- Configure Static IP or create sub-users using your account.


NetNut has several service packages to provide support to businesses with varying requirements. The price packages are categorized into 6 types and can be chosen based on bandwidth or number of requests. 

Bandwidth Based-

  • 20GB for $300/month @ $15/GB
  • 50GB for $475/month @ $9.5/GB
  • 100GB for $700/month @ $7/GB
  • 250GB for $1250/month @ $5/GB
  • 1TB for $3500/month @ $3.5/GB
  • 10TB for a special price (contact the support team) 

Features like dedicated account are available on higher bandwidth-based plans such as Professional plans and above. However, all features are available for all three request-based plans. 

Final Conclusion 

Wouldn’t we benefit from using high seed proxy network services that make data extraction an easy job? And when it is easy to use and integrate with one of the largest residential proxy networks in the market, that too, for a competitive price, why not make the most of it? Forget worrying about failure rates and focus on the core aspects of your business. 

Let data collection be an easy job so you can create comprehensive marketing strategies to attract the right kind of audience to your business and grow leaps and bounds. 

Our tech team is recommending using NetNut for any web scraping project, especially if you have fast, and accurate data in mind.