Mukul Bafana’s New Shopping Method – Founder of Arvind Internet

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Mukul Bafana New shopping Method

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People think, getting the perfect dress for a party within a short span of time is difficult. But MukulBafana changes this perspective. He is the co-founder of the e-commerce store Arvind Internet. He feels that there is a lot of broken journeys in the fashion retail.

Online Shopping Existing Issues

Online shopping is exciting because one could easily shop for clothes even when they are comfortably sitting on their bed. That too with good offers and wide variety of collections. But despite these advantages, customers lack the feel of touch and they can’t immediately purchase. On the other hand, in stores, it’s difficult to handle the salesman and choose clothes of your choice. To avoid these discomforts and to change the shopping experience of all customers, a new idea mixed with technology has blown the textile industry.

The New Solution

Mukul Bafana is trying to solve a problem that most people don’t even realize that they have. After launching Arvind in 2014, onMay 2016, a new website named was introduced within six months. This paved way for all the licensed stores to come under the roof of this website. These stores can work independently but at the same time, they can also enjoy the advantage of the cross-brand traffic. This is a fabulous technological solution where the offline and online shopping comes together. So, as a customer, you could shop at the store and also have the opportunity to see the real-time inventory of the other stores.

Apart from this, there was a great need for bringing digital transformation, as there is no real connection between the stores and online sites. Without a correct notion, it’s difficult to change the mindset. But the game changed when a salesman is credited for all the shopping that is happening within 10 km range, irrespective of the medium. For example, if you go shopping and if you can’t find a proper size, a salesman guiding you to a nearby store or making an order for you online could get an extra pay.

Positive Outcome

Since late last year, brands who have joined to this idea have started seeing positive results. There is an increase of 7.8% to 8% in sales within 8 weeks. Mukul Bafana says that Arvind internet has rolled out this Omni-channel transformation story in India since April 2017. They have started to expand in South-East Asia, West Asia and, US. Within a few months, they will finalize in Malaysia, Hong Kong and, Kuwait.

Final Thoughts

What’s the future? Mukul Bafana says hyper-personalized shopping is the future. Collecting data and recognizing the customers need is the exciting part. So brands will come to know the need and taste of their customer, which ultimately leads to better shopping. These can be achieved by using data science and artificial intelligence. Looking at these rapid changes in the fashion world, the economy of the country could eventually reach heights.So special thanks to Mukul Bafana for his contribution towards a change.

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