Mr. Insta Complete Review: A Go-To Choice For Increasing Your Instagram Followers

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Social media has become one of the major components for gathering traction for any business. It all runs on digital media and marketing on such social platforms to spread the word for your business is almost a mandate now!

Mr. Insta is a famous platform that is used by many businesses to enhance their follower base on Instagram. This further helps in their business growth as they become one of the popular pages on the social media platform. 

What is Mr. Insta about, and how does it work?

Mr. Insta is a website that can help an individual/ business in boosting their social media presence by providing free Instagram followers, likes, and other essential elements. The utility offered by the site is amazing, simple, and barely takes up any time.

This is the main reason for its popularity amongst individuals and businesses. There are several other features too that aid in its usage and make it the ideal choice. 

Top Features of Mr Insta

This website application or portal has quite a few amazing features to offer to its customers. Here are the most significant benefits of using Mr. Insta: 

  • A simple activation process

Getting free Instagram followers has been made easy with Mr. Insta. There are some extremely easy steps involved to complete activation of the plan that fetches users free Instagram followers.

Step 1. Create your account – Enter Instagram Username, email and password

Create an account

Step 2. Verify your account – Open your email and click on the link to verify

Verify your email address

Step 3. Click on the 5 topics of your interest and submit

Step 4. Choose the plan as per your requirement and get started with Mr Insta

Activate your plan

  •  Attractive plans on offer

Mr. Insta offers four different plans for its users to choose from. Depending on the functionality they require and the budget they have, the users can opt for an ideal plan for themselves.

There are variations in the number of hours the free following spree runs for. Also, there are a specific number of likes and followers mentioned under each plan. 

  • A plethora of useful services

Businesses require a way to boost their presence on social media, and Mr. Insta provides just that! It offers some amazing premium services too, such as Free YouTube subscribers, Pinterest services, Twitter followers, etc. 

  • A secured and easy way

Mr. Insta follows a policy of complete privacy and ensures that the transactions, as well as the provision of free followers, are genuine, secure, and 100% safe. 

  • Affordable solution

Mr. Insta’s plans for free followers or likes are affordable and do not seem too pricey. It is an attractive option for both individuals as well as businesses, as these plans are meant to add ease at cost-effective rates. 


  1. A trusted Social Media Service provider that has been in the market for the last 7 years.
  2. FAQ’s to answer all queries if you have any doubts..
  3. Verified Payments Gateway system (100% safe & Secure).
  4. The site is SSL Certified which is secure anyway.


  1. Reviews are bad and a lot of complaints so better you read cross-check the reviews on other sites like us before you grab any plan and pay.
  2. They use bot technology to sell followers which can make your social accounts banned.
  3. No dashboard or analytics to check the progress.
  4. Looks spammy

Final Conclusion

Mr. Insta is amongst the most popular platforms for offering free Instagram followers and likes. It is because the portal is not complex, offers great plans, and thus, is an affordable way to better success in terms of social media presence.

Contact Mr Insta at to understand how exactly they work and provide services, get some client references as well before you take a decision to buy any type of plan from them.