Mozilla to replace Firefox on Android with Fenix in 2020

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Mozilla replace Firefox on Android with Fenix

Firefox available for Android platform hasn’t received the desired attention from Mozilla and it happened for all good reasons. The company is working to replace the existing browser with a new browser which will be more effective in performance.

This news is not unexpected as the company had already hinted towards the same. During the time of last summer, Mozilla hinted for the fact that Firefox for Android platform has entered in its maintenance phase. The company is now working on their new browser.

Mozilla highlighted the change by saying that the goal is to offer a secure and supportive legacy Firefox for the various Android products to the users until Fenix is fully relatable to migration readiness along with reducing the support cost for on-going phase. Mozilla further added that they are planning to not introduce any changes in the user-facing matters till the time their new Fenix-based product’s eventual migration is done.

It can be seen that no new features will be added to Firefox for Android until the release of Fenix. Fenix has been under the development process for quite some time now. The developers are experimenting to add some new user-friendly features and interface that can attract the younger generation.

New look of Fenix

As per indications about the new look of Fenix, it will position the URL bar at the screen’s bottom level along with turning the standard browser on the head. It is also assumed that the browser will be supported with a dark mode as well as with grouped tabs. Fenix has been made available on the Taskcluster platform of Mozilla.

Although, there is still not a confirmed date for the end of Firefox for Mozilla. It is expected that it will happen in the coming year 2020.