Our Skimlinks Review :- Monetize your blog and Make Money from Affiliate Marketing in 2019

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Are you a blogger and review products? Monetize your blog with Skimlinks and start earning an easy commission.

What is Skimlinks?


Started in 2006 Skimlinks is a trusted platform for affiliate marketers to make money from Affiliate Marketing. With over 20,000 Merchants you can choose products to promote as per your website niche.

Merchants pay commission to Skimlinks and you will get your commission from Skimlinks. You need to pay a 25% commission to skimlinks on every sale.

Sing up for Skimlinks accounts using this link https://signup.skimlinks.com/

Once your website is approved you will get a snippet code from them which you need to embed in your website <body> tag


WordPress users can install the skimlinks plugin and enter the skimlinks ID.

Skimlinks WordPress plugin

Who Can add skimlinks?

  • Any editorial site – Use Javascript code
  • WordPress user – Skimlinks Plugin
  • Forum owners – Use Vbulletin forum

[wp-svg-icons icon=”point-right” wrap=”i”] Bingo! All your products links are converted to Affiliate links

How to monetize your blog using Skimlinks (Step by Step guide)

Step 1:  Let’s say you have a tech website like us you can prepare a  list of software, hosting, gadgets, technology vendors who are an affiliate of skimlinks and start doing product reviews.

Select software vendors

Add your product links

Step 2:- It’s a normal user-friendly link so users will trust and click on the link

normal product links

Step 3:- Once the user clicks on that link Skimlinks turn normal links into affiliate links and purchase a product, you’ll earn commission on the sale.


Why we love working with Skimlinks?

1. You will get a higher commission for some of the merchants when you work with skimlinks as compared to other networks like ShareASale, Commission Junction (CJ), Avangate.

2. No need to update affiliate links, Skimlinks turn normal links into affiliate links. It saves your lot of time and you can focus more on content.

3. Once you got approved by Skimlinks you can promote any product of 20K merchants and no need to get approved by every merchant.

4. 100% Accurate reports like:-

Which merchant is performing best,

Which URLs are generating the highest revenue,

Check product wise revenue,

Check from which country and device(Desktop/mobile) you are receiving sales

5. Timely payments.

6. For any queries, you can contact support@skimlinks.com and expect a reply within 24 hours.

What we don’t like

  • It usually takes 90 days to get your commission cleared
  • You will only get payments if your commission is more than $65/€55/£50
  • Sometime you will get a late reply from customer support


1. Does Skimlinks pay via PayPal?

2. Do you need to pay money to start using Skimlinks?
No, it’s completely free.

3. Does skimlinks override existing affiliate links?

Yes, it does hence we advise you not to use Viglinks along with Skimlinks.