MilesWeb Review – Is it the best Web Hosting Provider of 2019?

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Is it the best Web Hosting Provider of 2019

You must have probably heard of MilesWeb over the web. They are pretty famous into the web hosting industry. MilesWeb has hosted more than 2 million websites till date and is trusted by thousands of customers worldwide.

MilesWeb provides web hosting solutions for all types of businesses, SMEs, individuals or bloggers. They have numerous web hosting plans suitable for almost all types of websites right from blogging to e-commerce sites. They deliver cheap web hosting plans with significant features. I personally recommend MilesWeb as I have been using it since past 3 years for one of my business websites.

Let’s take a close look at the nuts and bolts of MilesWeb features and its pricing.

Web Hosting Plans of MilesWeb

MilesWeb has plenty of plans. While shared hosting is the most affordable option, in cases of some websites, you may feel the need to have more resources and features. Some web hosting plans offered by MilesWeb is:

Shared Hosting

Many website owners prefer shared hosting because it is the cheapest option to host your website. You get a good number of features at affordable prices. In shared web hosting, multiple websites are hosted under a single server. These websites share the server resources commonly with the amount of resources allocated by the hosting provider. The shared hosting plans of MilesWeb start only at Rs.50 per month.

 Reseller Hosting

One of the simplest ways to get into hosting business is through reseller hosting. In this type of hosting, you can buy a server from your web hosting provider and then rent out portions of your server resources to others. You can earn commission through the profit margin you receive. MilesWeb reseller hosting plan starts just at Rs.290 per month. They also have reseller hosting plans with free WHMCS tool, starting at Rs.728 per month.

 WordPress Hosting

If you have your site built on WordPress then WordPress hosting is the best choice for you. MilesWeb WordPress Hosting is fully managed and comes with amazing built-in features such as Jetpack Premium/Professional, Free SSL, Pre-configured WordPress, Daily backups, Automatic updates and more. Their WordPress hosting plan for a month starts just at Rs.69.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting plan is best for those who are looking for more power and flexibility than shared hosting. In VPS hosting a physical server is divided into multiple servers but virtually. Each VPS is isolated from other servers that share the same host node. It allows you to have dedicated resources for your website in a virtual environment. MilesWeb offers affordable VPS hosting plans starting at Rs.860 per month. Their VPS servers are powered by Digital Ocean cloud.

 Dedicated Server

In a dedicated server, you get the highest amount of access to the server settings. The resources are not at all shared with anyone and are meant only for your single website.

Cloud Hosting

One of the cost saving solutions is cloud hosting because in cloud hosting you only pay for the resources used and not for the monthly subscriptions or unused resources. MilesWeb offers cloud services for Amazon cloud platform, Digital Ocean and Jelastic Cloud.

Why People Love MilesWeb?

Customer Support

To assist you with any of your technical queries at any given time of the day, MilesWeb customer support team operates 24/7/365. They are a well-trained and tech-savvy group of people.

Ways to connect with MilesWeb customer support:


Live chat

MilesWeb also has a knowledge base on their website for their customers. This covers almost all the queries you may have.

Uptime Guarantee

MilesWeb maintains a stable and secure infrastructure for their data centers. Furthermore, they have Tier-3 and Tier-4 data centers that help in maintaining high availability to your website. As a result, they guarantee an uptime of 99.95%. This gives the surety that your website will be up and live all the time.

Refund Policy

All the hosting plans of MilesWeb are covered under 30-day money back guarantee. You will receive a refund if you claim for it within the first 30 days of your purchase date.

MilesWeb Ratings

You will find many MilesWeb reviews and ratings on the internet. All of them are unbiased. Their ratings on some of the top review websites are as follows:

  • Hostadvice: 9.3 out of 10 stars
  • Hostsearch: 4.7 out of 5 stars
  • HostJury: 5 out of 5 stars
  • TrustPilot: 9.2 out of 10 stars
  • WhoisHostingThis: 9 out of 5 stars
Customer Ratings

All the above ratings are taken from customer review websites that contains all the honest feedback (negative/positive) from real customers. You can also read all these reviews on their official websites. Take a glimpse of some of these reviews below.

MilesWeb Reviews

The following screenshots are taken from Hostadvice and Trustpilot.

Miles Web Reviews

Other Important features by MilesWeb

Besides web hosting services, MilesWeb takes into consideration the security of your website as well. Some of them are: SSL certificate, Web application Firewall, SpamExperts and Backup Service.

  1. SSL certificate

To establish a secure connection between your visitor’s browser and your website an SSL certificate is essential. Google has taken a security measure to make the Internet a safer place. In their one of the update, they have stated that all the websites with HTTP will be marked as ‘not secure’. As a result majority of the site owners have moved to HTTPS. You too can secure your website data and online transactions with MilesWeb SSL certificate.

2. Web application Firewall

To protect your website against DDoS and other web attackers, MilesWeb has introduced its web application firewall (WAF). This WAF keeps a close watch on all the web traffic your website receives. It has the ability to block these attacks before it reaches your web server.

3. SpamExperts

It is an anti-spam filtering feature that blocks any incoming spam email before it reaches your inbox. In this way, you can add an extra layer of security to your mailbox.

4. Backup Service

MilesWeb has two types of backup service – Codeguard backup and Acronis backup. The Codeguard backup service can take the complete backup of your website data, while Acronis backup is used to backup any of your device data such as PC, mobile or laptop.

MilesWeb Trusted Clients

Although MilesWeb is used by millions of customers, there are a few big names that are clients of MilesWeb such as TEDx, Dabur, Express Inn etc.

miles web clients

You can refer below screenshot for an overview

Final Verdict

With all that mentioned above, we can conclude that MilesWeb is an ideal choice for  your web hosting needs. They are one of the big players in the web hosting industry. They are a perfect choice if you are looking for a web hosting solution with maximum features at minimal rates. Their friendly support, guaranteed uptime and money back guarantee are the key pillars of their hosting service. MilesWeb is worth choosing over any other web hosting providers in the market.