Microsoft’s Biggest Build Developer Conference Dates Revealed

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Image Source:- Microsoft

When and Where?

The most prestigious annual event of Microsoft – Build Developer Conference has been scheduled for May 19-21, 2020. The event will be held in Seattle, Washington.

Yes, it will be a three-day gala event for Windows, Azure, HoloLens, Cortana as well as Alexa developers. However, it is quite an early announcement of this event as per the Microsoft standards.

Now, Microsoft usually announces the event dates in February every year. But, this time we are getting the update way early in September. The most likely reason could be that Microsoft doesn’t want Build 2020 to clash with Google I/O just like last year. Probably, this could be Microsoft’s strategy to avoid competing with Google for attention on its big event.

Why is Microsoft Build Important?

Build is an event where leading architects, developers, start-ups and student from all over the world come together to focus on the latest tech trends and revolutionize the future. Microsoft welcomes the next generation of developers to participate in the event following the mantra “produced by developers and for developers”. Hence, it forms quite an important affair for the world that is going digital by the second. 

This is also the most awaited and popular event for the users of Windows 10 as the event sets the stage for Microsoft to announce new features, updates and major improvements for its operating system.

Everybody is excited and eager to know what surprise does Microsoft has in store for them. There are plenty of reports expecting a comeback of Microsoft Phone. That could be news! Nonetheless, it would be great to know the future prospects from Satya Nadella and the young developer minds of this world at Microsoft Build Developer Event 2020.