Microsoft to use Machine Learning to Schedule System Updates at Right Time

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There are hundreds of unknown facts about Microsoft. We are unaware of thousands of applications. Just a small circle in a wide ocean is our knowledge and usage capability. Yet we want that 1% to be perfect. This is the mindset of most of the people who are addicted or purely dependent on technology. Provided us 100 possibilities, but we still want 1 more to it.

Basically, Microsoft focuses on providing good updated versions for easy work and fast implementations. So they designed Windows 10 to support customers in a better way. They targeted people who want instant new updates. But recently many have complained about the updates getting installed in windows 10 while in use. This is not a serious issue yet it is a problem for most of the people. This disturbs or collapses a running program. There is a snooze option but problems do arise because of the automatic restarts. Personally, when I shifted to my sister’s pc, I faced this restart issue when I was already busy with an application.

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Anything and everything is always a combo of boon and bane.  It’s good to know about updates often. It helps to avoid OS issues. A proper OS is a basic necessity.  But people’s mind can never be constant. It’s the most diplomatic thing to understand. Actually, Windows 10 is mainly designed for business and management authorities. Windows 7 and 8.1 is well enough for students and other Personal computers at home. But they are the one who complains a lot. Thought it’s not their fault. It’s the eagerness to try everything and know everything. We complain about every single issue in this fast-moving world. Everything is available before us, yet we want everything to be automatic and extraordinary. So preparations are made by windows to alter this issue. This is one of the major reason for Microsoft’s success (focusing and altering every single issue).

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Personally, I would like to appreciate windows for focusing on our difficulties. They have created a machine learning concept which could predict our break time, whether we are leaving our pc for a long time or not. Your sleep time, bath time, tea time are taken into consideration. In this way, during that time it could alter or update accordingly. I am not sure how this prediction could work. But we could see positive signs from their side.

Microsoft says results are more productive. This new feature could definitely solve the user’s issue as it is basically cloud computing technology. This will be shortly available to users as Redstone 5 which was made by the 17723 build. Hope people’s frustrations are gone with this new intelligent machine learning concept.

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