Review:- M3 Bitlocker Data Recovery Software (Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 )

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Have you currently facing a situation when you had lost some of your vital data from the encrypted BitLocker drive? You need to just need to read on as we have for you all of the details regarding the best BitLocker data recovery software that will be helping you with the recovery of your precious data on the drive.

What is meant by Bitlocker Recovery?

This is a method through which an individual can restore all of the data that had been saved in the BitLocker encrypted drive. Especially in a situation where one is not able to get access to the drive-in in a normal manner due to any reason.

Key points for successful BitLocker data recovery in different situations?

One of the best ways through which you can get the Bitlocker recovery is through the latest software M3 Bitlocker Recovery that will help you to get and recover the files that have been deleted in your drive. This way all of the data that you had thought as lost can be received with ease. This can be done once you have entered the password or have the recovery key.

This is slightly different from the normal data recovery as there is an important need for the Bitlocker metadata with the password or in case you have the recovery key for the data decryption. Here we have the details on the important factors related to the data recovery:

  • Problems with Data drive

For this, there is a requirement of the recovery key and the password so that you can decrypt the information that is saved on the Bitlocker drive.

  • OS drive issues

The only manner in which you can decrypt the data from the OS is if you have the recovery key. The main reason behind this is the Trusted Platform Module ( TPM). When OS is crashed or the computer and Bitlocker surface fails, M3 data recovery will be helping for data rescue with complete ease.

What to do when password and the keys don’t work?

In such situations, it usually means that the Bitlocker encrypted drive is corrupted. Still, there is hope as the M3 Bitlocker recovery is still able to decrypt the information. But it is possible as far as the metadata has remained intact and the information that you have regarding password or the key is right.

How to recover the data when there is any physical damage?

If your Bitlocker encrypted drive is not working because of the physical damages caused. You will have to send it to your local data recovery servicing center. This is vital because the hardware issues cannot be corrected by any kind of software meant for data recovery.

When your BitLocker metadata gets corrupt?

As we had mentioned earlier that the Bitlocker metadata is used for storing the recovery key or password for drive encryption with Bitlocker. In some cases these specific cases, this metadata might get corrupted completely. So all of the data that you lose in this manner cannot be retrieved with the use of recovery key or the right password that you might have.

When you don’t know the recovery key or password

There is no way that M3 Bitlocker Recovery software is going to help you with the breaking of encrypted drive when you don’t have these two important things. But one way is that a third party tracking tool for Bitlocker is used. This will help to crack the drive that is Bitlocker encrypted as it runs an attack over it.

Step by Step guide for Bitlocker Data recovery

After you have launched the M3 Bitlocker software for recovery select the encrypted drive first. Then click on Next, that will take you to a pop up for entering your password. A choice that might be given to you will be the recovery key, you just need to enter what has been asked for. Then scan the data that had been lost from the Bitlocker encrypted drive.

How does the process work?

Step 1:

Download the software M3 BitLocker recovery. Then install it and lead to the launch.


Step 2:

Now select the Bitlocker encrypted drive then tap on Next button for entering your recovery key or the password that you might have.


Step 3:

Now your work is done and your files are ready to be recovered. You will be able to preview all of the files that are available and the recovery process is done.


Final Verdict

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that data recovery is never that simple. Therefore we highly recommend you to download the Bitlocker Recovery Software.This will help you to recover all the critical data that was lost from your Bitlocker encrypted drive easily.