Why We Love Indian Affiliate Summit 2018 (And You Should, Too!)

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What is Indian Affiliate Summit (IAS)

Publishers, Media owners, Traffic sources, Agencies, solution providers, Advertisers and Affiliate Network meet at a single point to discuss the latest business trends and technology of this booming industry.

Indian Affiliate Summit

During Oct 11-12 2018 more than 500 fortune companies are participating in this event at The Leela Ambience Gurugram.

This Affiliate Marketing conference creates an opportunity for Affiliate Marketers of the different industry to meet and discuss the latest ongoing trends of this hot-selling industry.

This two-day session is going to be very interactive and involves a lot of learning as more than 70+ speakers who are an entrepreneur by nature and running their own MNC is going to share the knowledge with you.

At Indian Affiliate Summit (IAS 2018)

  • 85 + No of Exhibitors are participating.
  • 70 + No of Speakers are going to discuss and share the knowledge of this booming industry.
  • 500 + No of companies from all over the world are coming to this event.
  • 2400 + No of delegates
  • 17 + hours of content is going to be discussed and shared.

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What is The Affiliate Street?

Affiliate Marketers such as publishers, bloggers, affiliate network, brands, and agencies meet at an Affiliate Street and the agenda behind the meeting is to discuss and explore further business opportunities for affiliate marketing.

Why must you attend Indian Affiliate Summit 2018?

2000 + digital marketers from all over the world which involve affiliate marketing guys, traffic generators, Agencies, Affiliate Networks is going to meet at Gurugram and discuss the upcoming affiliate trends and how they can grow their business.

How this event helps you?

  1. You will get a chance to meet different brands from various industry.
  2. Plenty of chances to do a partnership with Affiliate networks and publishers.
  3. Discuss your needs and meet affiliate marketers under one single roof.
  4. Advertisers can showcase their brand to other and create customers
  5. Buyers and seller meet at a single point
  6. Publishers and Advertisers meet and discuss how both can help each other to grow the business

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Final Words

Indian Affiliate Summit held every year at Gurugram where marketers from different industry meet and discuss this performance marketing industry.The conference is of 2 days which include entry to affiliate street party, entry to affiliate conference and exhibition, lunch and the complimentary drinks.For more information please visit the website