Little SaaS Review 2023 – The Best SaaS Solution to Run a Business (Updated)

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Businesses no longer want to heavily invest in building the IT infrastructure and maintaining it. Many enterprises now rely on SaaS (Software as a Service) and lease the required software and tools for as long as necessary. This allows businesses to save money that goes into buying the software and then paying for a lifetime of upgrades. 

SaaS solutions are offered remotely through the cloud. Your employees can either access the software through the web browser or work directly on the cloud platform. The companies that offer SaaS solutions take the responsibility to update the software and provide maintenance services. 

Little SaaS is one such company that has become famous for being committed to delivering the best to their customers. The company offers two products- PitchGround and Communication to help various businesses (from startups to large-scale enterprises) to save money on software and technology without compromising quality. 


Little SaaS is a team that has been working remotely since the launch day. With 16 members from five countries working together, the company has delivered what it promised- a lineup of business essentials suitable for every business and assured commitment to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Their first product is PitchGround- a platform where you can get lifetime deals on various software with up to 95% discount.

The second product is Communication- a sure way to solve the most crucial problem in most organizations, i.e., facilitating proper communication among all levels of the business. 

Features of the Products Offered by Little SaaS 


  • The company finds partners who can provide solutions for your business. 
  • Little SaaS offers discounts and deals on behalf of the upcoming SaaS companies. This gives them the desired exposure and gives you a chance to use good software at a lesser price. 
  • The deals offered by the company on PitcheGround are usually for a lifetime. That means you get to save hundreds and thousands of dollars in one go. 
  • Upcoming SaaS companies can get real-time feedback from clients to improve their products. 


  • It is an all-in-one collaborative platform that acts as a helpdesk app for internal and external communication in your organization. 
  • There will be no missed messages, wrong files attached, or juggling between multiple apps. Everything is handled and sorted on a single app. 
  • Assign cases to support staff, pull up case sheets and share the information in just a few seconds, redirect tickets based on topic and complexities, and reduce the ticket-resolution lifecycle. Keep your customers happy by delivering quick and effective solutions. 
  • Prioritize tickets and redirect cases based on their importance. 
  • Make the most of shared inboxes to track complaints and deadlines. You won’t ever miss a deadline again. 
  • Streamline the communication and collaboration system in your enterprise. Keep it simple, straightforward, and effective.
  • Revamp your customer support services to get rid of the complicated systems and procedures that take up too much time. 
  • Create a knowledgebase to make customers self-sufficient in solving minor issues on their own. 

1000+ Users Trusts Communication & 25,000+ Users Trusts PitchGround


The company offers three price plans and an option to include add-ons and customize your existing plans based on your business requirements. 

1. Startup Plan: Free to use; 3 users, one mailbox, 1 Docs site, 1 Widget, 3 Teams, 1 Domain, and Unlimited Canned Replies. This plan is completely free to use and offers all features required for small startup businesses. It is not a trial version. 

2. Growth Plan: $30/month; 3 users, 3 mailboxes, 1 Docs site with Customer Domain, Unlimited Widgets, Unlimited Teams, Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Canned Replies, Workflows, Track Email Opens, and SMTP Integration.

3. Business Plan: $90/month; 10 users, 10 mailboxes, and same features as in Growth Plan with SSO feature soon being made available. 

Add-ons include-

  • $5/month for every extra user 
  • $49/month for 10 extra mailboxes
  • $19/month/ doc for additional Docs sites 

The Docs site is another name for Knowledgebase. 

Little SAAS Affiliate Program

Become a Little SAAS Affiliate partner and you will earn a 30% commission on every sale – Recurring commission for every paying customer.

Little SAAS Affiliate Program

How Little SAAS Affiliate program works?

  1. Sign up to join the program
  2. Wait for the approval from Affiliate Manager
  3. Once your application approved, share your links on the blog and emails
  4. Earn a 30% recurring commission on every sale

Final Conclusion 

Who wouldn’t like to reduce the investment that goes into a business without compromising on the returns? When you can use the latest software tools for a fraction of their original price, isn’t that what you’d choose for your business? The same goes for communication across the business. You want the best but for an affordable price. 

Little SaaS is offering to fulfill your wishes and help you streamline your business processes without denting your budget. Let your business grow and expand into new horizons while protecting and minimizing your investments.