GraphicConverter: Why This Swiss Army Knife Of Photo Editing For Mac Is A Must-Have?

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Though there are a lot of photo editing apps available on your iPhone, editing them on your Mac makes you look like a pro photographer. Most of us prefer using our main libraries on Mac because of its massive computing power, ultra-fast processors, and bigger storage. Editing photos using your Mac is still one of the best options as it offers several tools. Cropping, adjusting the color tones, adding filters, removing unnecessary blemishes is all possible using the in-built editor. However, in all honesty, you really need a robust editing app if you are looking to leave a significant impression with your photos. 

Lemkesoft’s Graphic Converter for Mac

The internet has become a colorful, go-to place to share your photos and this has made photo editing tools an absolute necessity. Images not only require quick formatting to a preferred format but also croppings, enhancing, downsizing amongst others. GraphicConverter acts like a Swiss Army Knife with power-packed features for importing, exporting, workflow management, and editing. With over 1.5 million users across the world, GraphicConverter is very well suited for both amateurs as well as professional photographers. It is an all-round image editing tool that focuses not only on features but also on stability and reliability. Let’s dive deeper to look at the good and the bad of GraphicConverter.

Pros and Cons of GraphicConverter


The most important aspect of any photo editing tool is its ability to open images of multiple file formats. GraphicConverter can open up to 200 different file types in any of the 80 available formats. It’s very common that you may have experienced difficulty in opening certain file formats. There is a very high possibility that this tool can open it and convert it into your desired format. It lets you browse through your folders on your Mac, and also you can select photos from Dropbox, OneDrive, or Apple’s Photostream. 

GraphicConverter’s advantages don’t stop here. The graphical file and image browser gives you a powerful picture administration by letting you navigate, sort, and view files directly in the browser. Lossless rotation of images, document date, comments are some of the many functionalities. Another amazing functionality that this tool provides is the batch conversion of images. Be it 5 or 5000 picture files, you can convert and set details such as rotation, resizing, and apply on all the images. 


GraphicConverter is an excellent tool for enhancing your images and supports internet compatible formats such as GIF, JPEG, and PNG. It also covers a host of editing features to edit your pictures quickly and easily. The advanced features include adjusting the brightness, mirroring, rotating, merging, distorting, sharpening, and inverting. It also has various filters to create black/white effects, color effects, stylize effects, and halftone effects. 


Talking about the scope of improvement, GraphicConverter could’ve done better in discovering the available functions. The tool requires you to remember which functionality lies where so that you can use it again. You can choose a host of effects, but it may get a little cumbersome to choose one from the huge list every time. 

Nonetheless, GraphicConverter is compatible with macOS ranging from version 10.9 to 10.15. With the kind of features it is offering, one might think it’s too expensive. But it’s available for as low as $39.95 for the full version. 

Final Thoughts

GraphicConverter offers a very quick and inexpensive way to work around images with ease. It is an extremely powerful editing tool that is loaded with powerful features. You can download the trial version of GraphicConverter from here and we would love to know how you like it.