Windows Software

Our team is using Windows OS since 2001 and helping users all over the world in solving problems related to operating system, hardware, software and apps on the Windows platform.

We keep researching the best and latest Windows Software and make sure that it should be 100% safe, secure and compatible to use.

Thousands of readers from all over the world visit our website to find the latest pc software hence we do our best in researching the apps that are 100% free and any windows user can use that for a lifetime without paying a single penny to the company.

We have our own team of software testers and  IT research analyst who spend a few hours daily to select the best software for our audience.

All the software that we review here are selected and reviewed on the basis of

  •    Effectiveness
  •    Price
  •    Customer Support
  •    Ease of Use

 We always try to share the Pros and Cons of each software so that users can get an idea what are the advantage of buying a software and what exactly is missing.

You can find the price comparisons, software guides and case studies on various windows based application.

Do you have any product for a review?  Please send us an NFR copy along with a download link so that our team can test your product.