Lambdatest Review: A Perfect Stop For All Your Cross Browser Testing Needs

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Lambda Test  Cross Browser Testing Platform

There are a number of websites that show incompatible behavior with a specific browser and work flawlessly in a different browser. This bug has caused huge distress to a lot of companies as it restricts the user to a specific browser for accessing their application or website. 

To fix this bug, many companies and websites use cross-browser testing. Cross-browser testing suggests, analyzes, and compares a website in different browsers to check its consistency. Thus, to make sure that it works as intended without any disruptions. 

Lambdatest does exactly that and much more for its users. This review highlights the various features of Lambdatest and presents a detailed description of it.

What is Lambdatest Cross Browser Testing Platform?

Lambdatest is a real-time application that does a live interaction and automated cross-browser testing of websites on 2000+ browsers and operating systems. It analyzes and compares a website’s compatibility with different browsers and presents a detailed description of the test to the user. 

The app has a very simple interface, which makes it very easy to use. The app is available for all the desktop software, and it has also been made available on android and iOS devices. 

Best features of the tool

Cross-browser testing requires highly advanced algorithms and tech. On Lambdatest, you can take care of all such requirements of yours with ease. Some of the best features of the application are:

  • Automated Testing

Lambdatest allows automated testing of websites on a large scale. This feature also provides the user with a reliable and secure online selenium script. This helps in performing cross-browser testing on 2000+ browsers.

  • Live Testing

The app allows its user to perform live cross-browser testing of their websites on 2000+ real mobile as well as desktop browsers. 

  • Responsive

This feature of the application allows the user to check the response time of their websites on different Android or iOS devices. This feature also lets you check the consistency of your website on various browsers. 

  • LT Browser
LT Browser

This feature of Lambdatest is a unique one as it provides a developer-friendly browser. This helps the user see the mobile view of their website on 25+ devices and also checks the website for any bug. 

  • 24*7 Tech Support

Lambda Test Team is open 24/7 if you need any help, call on +1-(678)-701-3618 or email

How does Lambdatest Function? (Step by Step)

Lambdatest has been stated as being very easy to use because of its simple yet sophisticated interface, which allows the user to perform various functions without much wandering around. 

The application requires the user to set up an account on it; you could use a credit card or save your details without payment options too. 

Once the account has been put-up, the user can access all the functions of the application. Lambdatest also allows the user to cancel their account anytime.

Step1 :- Open the link for sign up to create an account if you are a new user or else if you have an account you can directly login

Create new account

Step 2:– Verify your email by entering the 6 digit pin which you received on email

Verify your email

Step 3:– Welcome to Dashboard

Lambda Test Dashboard

A. Real Time Testing

Enter the url, choose browser, Select Desktop/Mobile, Resolution

Real Time Testing

B. Screenshot Testing

Enter the url, choose browser, Select Desktop/Mobile, Resolution

Screenshot Testing

C. Responsive Testing

Let’s check the website is responsive or not

Responsive Testing

D. Integrations

Integration Platforms

LambdaTest Pricing Plans

Lambda Test has four different plans, check here

  1. Lite (Lifetime free)
  2. Live Plan ($15 Per month) Billed Annually
  3. Web & Mobile Browser Automation  ($99 Per month) Billed Annually – Most popular and best selling plan
  4. Web Automation ($158 Per month) Billed Annually

Lite plan which has some limitations as it’s free but in all other plans you will get Unlimited Real-time Browser Testing, Unlimited Screenshot Testing, Unlimited Responsive Testing, Unlimited Access to LT Browser, 24×7 Support, 3rd Party App Integrations.

We suggest you to subscribe the plans annually to save 20% cost.

If you have some specific requirement then you can opt for customised plan where you will get dedicated account manager.

Lambda Test Reviews

Lambda Test Reviews

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Final Conclusion

Lambdatest allows a user to perform various tasks like cross-browser testing, checking websites for bugs, etc. at a lower price. The application simplifies the process of analyzing and comparison of websites on different browsers and also checks them for consistency issues on various devices and websites.

We are 100% sure that you will definitely buy Lambda Test after checking the features.