Kicksta Review:- Get Real Instagram Followers in 4 easy steps – How it Works?

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Considering the immeasurable creative potential that the platform bestows growing businesses with, Instagram is widely regarded as the most ideal space for businesses to engage their audiences. Although to do so, extending your visibility to your targeted demographics is crucial. This task can sometimes prove arduous and incredibly time-consuming. Fortunately, Kicksta is a service that can enable you to engage newer audiences on a daily basis and focus more on providing creative and high-quality content on their account. The following Kicksta review details the features that Kicksta offers to upcoming businesses.

What is Kicksta?

Kicksta is an Instagram Automation Tool that aids a fresh business in gaining new and real Instagram followers organically. By engaging new Instagram followers on a regular basis to expand your reach to, ultimately, grow your business further.

Get Real Instagram Followers

Additional to engaging new individuals every day, Kicksta is equipped with other features to assure that you only interact with your targeted demographic. Kicksta is also relatively transparent in its working as it openly informs its clients about how to get Instagram followers which is further discussed in the following.

How to Get Real Followers on Instagram using Kicksta?

Kicksta employs a unique tactic to get Instagram followers organically. Before commencing its services, Kicksta asks you for a few targeted accounts. These accounts are of those individuals/businesses who function under your field of work but have a wider reach. After providing Kicksta with the targeted accounts, the application looks up the followers of your targeted account and likes 1 or 2 of their pictures. This activity sends a notification to the specified accounts that you liked their picture(s).

How it works

Since the application will be liking the pictures of those individuals who fall under your demographic range, the likelihood of the individuals following you back is more. Given that the application does this for an average of 1,000 individuals per day, the probability of you gaining at least 10 followers is high. Functioning on this strategy, your business will be seeing rapid growth in its reach.

Additional Features

To ensure that the application is engaging the right demographic on individuals, Kicksta has a few filters set in place that allows you to get your preferred type of audience. These filters include Profanity Filter, Private Account Filter, and Explicit Content Filter. The Profanity Filter and Explicit Content Filter ensures that the individuals that the application is engaging are socially acceptable and relevant. Adding to the same, the Private Account Filter is to ensure that engaged individuals don’t have a private account. Since private accounts are less likely to follow an upcoming business account, this filter is deemed desirable.

Along with the above-mentioned, there are also a few user customizable filters. These additional filters include a Gender Filter, Language Filter, Business Account Filter, and a Blacklist Filter. The Gender Filter does what its name implies – it filters the followers from a targeted account based on their gender. Users can pick the gender they want to target and more optimally expand their reach. The Language Filter is to make sure that engaged followers primarily speak English. Business Account Filter is ideal if you’re a Business-To-Customer company. In those cases, following a business account is considered to be going out of the demographic range. The Blacklist Filter is used if you want to blacklist a few specific accounts.

The Kicksta support team is also essential to making sure that the application performs as it is intended. Kicksta provides 24*7 support to their clients through live-chat or e-mails. If you have opted for the Professional Plan, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager who’ll be there to ensure that your business is growing according to their projections.

Kicksta also offers its clients a dedicated Analytics Dashboard which is equipped with several functions and features. Through the dashboard, clients can keep track of their growth analytics and also edit the list of their targeted accounts if the need arises. This function is ideal when one wants to remove an underperforming targeted account and add a new one. This Analytics dashboard also allows the users to track the comments and likes that followers leave on your post.

Analytics Dashboard

Kicksta Pricing Plans

Kicksta pricing is divided into two categories – Creative and Professional. Each of the same is detailed in the following.

  •  Creative – The pricing for the creative plan is $49 that is charged monthly. The user gets access to the smart filters and can name up to 10 target accounts. This plan gets an account ‘Moderate Growth’, as quoted by Kicksta.
  •  Professional  – The pricing for the Professional Plan is $99 that is charged monthly. The user gets access to the smart filters and can name up to 40 target accounts. This plan gets an account ‘Maximum Growth’, as quoted by Kicksta. Additional features include the ability to target the audience by hashtags, location, or gender. The professional plans also offer the client with premium live chat and e-mail support.


Regardless of the plan that you might choose, your data will be stored safely and securely within the Kicksta servers. Therefore, privacy isn’t something that you should concern yourself with when using Kicksta’s services.

Final Conclusion

Kicksta’s services unique and effective solutions for an up and coming business to increase their reach by engaging the audience within their demographics. Employing Kicksta services within your Instagram profile allows you to focus more on creating and delivering high-quality content to your audience instead of diverting your efforts between expanding your reach and posting content.

Considering the fact that you’ll only be gaining followers that fall within your demographic, your brand credibility will also increase. This will ultimately lead to your brand getting more sales and leads through increased traffic which also means increased overall profits.

Due to the unique tactics that the Kicksta services employ, the services offered by the company are incredibly efficient in doing what it promises to do. Evident through the real-time increase in followers, Kicksta and its accompanying services easily secure a 9.5/10 on our rating scale.

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