Jolt Review – The Best UK Cloud & Web Hosting

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JOLT - Best UK Hosting

From the outside, finding the best UK hosting service seems like a daunting task, with so many technical terms to deal with. Should you go with shared hosting providers? Or maybe something like website builders? Or simply any landing page? How much bandwidth and processing horsepower do I require? Is there any need of getting an email address? How much should I pay?

What makes Jolt the #1 choice for business?

Jolt Hosting got you covered with excellent support and snappy web hosting experience. And believe me, you won’t receive such an amazing experience with other hosting service providers. Jolt aims for making their services accessible for non-tech-shabby clients. Jolt servers are SSD-based, and this allows faster transfers, lower ping, and overall snappy experience.

Don’t get yourself tangled into the complexities of source-coding, as I did for myself. Instead, design your website with drag-and-drop methods, or migrate your existing website. You can feel comfortable with Jolt Hosting. Over the years, Jolt clients including myself, have appreciated the simplicity and robust security of their industry-leading services.

Amazing & Affordable Packages From Jolt

1. Shared Web Hosting

Starting from £2.95/month, Shared Web Hosting offers speed, reliability, and unbreachable security. Ideal for WordPress, WooCommerce, and other CMS, you’ll receive instant setup with cPanel and free domain hosted on UK-based servers, delivering exceptional performance at reasonable pricing.

2. Reseller Hosting

Bumping the price upto £12.50/month, Reseller Hosting offers management for multiple websites, with the exclusive software you need. You also benefit from an instant setup with the cPanel, WHM & WHMCS. And don’t forget UK datacentres, UK-based servers with 24×7 in-house support, and more.

3. Cloud VPS Hosting

100% SSD-based VPS hosting from reliable UK datacentres. Under the hood, you are powered by OnApp Cloud with Intel Xeon CPUs and administrative root access. Jolt’s cloud-based VPS is the next-generation cloud computing, offering easy scalability. And everything starts from just £9.95/month.

4. Dedicated Servers

Once you’re ready for paying £20/month, you’ll receive dedicated hardware, with SSD-based storage and Intel Xeon cores. Choose the specifications, OS, management software, and let them run. Exclusive for dedicated servers, you also get 100% uptime and free migration from other service providers.

How is Jolt ahead of the competition?

Here are some exciting bells and whistles of Jolt, that keeps them marginally ahead of the competition, and throws another reason for choosing Jolt as the best UK hosting provider. Here are just few worth mentioning.

Lightning fast and SSD-based web servers

Jolt Hosting servers are built with enterprise-grade SSD storage and powered by industrial computing hardwares. This means, your clients will experience fast and snappy surfing experience. Oh, did I mention you that Jolt servers are localized in the UK?

24×7 customer support via Live Support and Helpdesk

No queues, no delays, no down-time. Jolt provides 30 seconds response via Live Support and 30 minutes via Helpdesk, irrespective of day and night. Jolt Hosting is 100% in-house, qualified, and prides on delivering instant response services. Think of them as your business partners who are there for help.

Affordable pricing starting at £2.95/month

The basic plan of Jolt Hosting comes at just £2.95/month. Every hosting plan is marginally affordable compared to the industry and other hosting services. Even the basic Shared Web Hosting plans feature Cloudflare CPanel add-on so that clients can effortlessly connect their website to Cloudflare.

No hidden charges on hosting renewals

Payment and renewal charges are entirely transparent with Jolt. If you got any preferred payment option, chances are that Jolt already supports that. Jolt also supports Bitcoin, and they also proudly accept American Express. As always, Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, Direct Debit are always welcomed!

Commitment Towards Customers

Even during the pandemic situation, Jolt remains open for businesses. Teams are working from home, supporting your business throughout the tough times. If you are new customer, Jolt is offering free trial on some of their web hosting products, providing you free hosting services for upto three months.

Final Conclusion

I guess this level of feature-richness is sufficient for choosing Jolt Hosting as the best UK hosting. Starting at just £2.95/month, arguably there are no other UK hosting service that offers SSD storage, SSL certificates, 24×7 customer support, and localized UK-based servers. Indeed!

Also, Jolt owns and operates its own infrastructure of a UK datacentre (many do not these days).