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Do you find any sense of your data getting lost or going to wrong hands? Today the creepy activities running over the net is howling the work of not only an individual but also of big business houses as well. As a consequence, one should be more strict towards creating VPN or Virtual Private Network over the internet. Ivacy VPN is the most exquisite and excellent option for VPN’s at today’s time. It is also the winner of Best VPN.com 2019 for offering the fastest services held at Las Vegas.

Ivacy VPN

How Ivacy VPN reached the pinnacle of success?

  • No global restrictions – Are you heading towards a new country for work or business and looking for a one-time solution concerning the VPN? If yes, then Ivacy VPN will extend you with no global restrictions. In addition to this, it is compatible with more than hundred of locations along with thousands of servers as well. There will be no scope of any online threats that mostly results due to the use of public Wi-Fi and common internet connections. It means you can directly access any public or international Wi-Fi without much ado.
  •  Easy to use – There are many VPNs that will snag you with the settings time to time, but Ivacy VPN will not do any such things. The VPN is loaded with many elite features and with an easy to use interface. Just get the tool and start using in some clicks. The added feature of this tool is that it will let you browse as much as you want, means there will be no boundaries at all. At the same time, you can hide or change your IP settings accordingly with extreme seclusion.
  • P2P file sharing – If you are dealing with P2P files and are anxious about the security then without any second thought make the use of Ivacy VPN. Here it will ease out your work and will facilitate you with supreme security and privacy settings. Also, this tool will benefit you with identity protection as well.
  •  Device and data transfer – You must be wondering as for how many devices can this VPN be used? So, let us tell you, the Ivacy VPN will productively work with a total of five devices. Along with this, there will be no ceiling on the exchange or transfer of data too. This way you can make the maximum use of the files, folders without worrying about the data being lost or hacked.
  • Data routing – If you want to prioritize your data, then this VPN will give you helping hand as here you can merely diverge the data traffic with few steps. It means you will get enough space for your essential, major and minor data with regards to its priority. These settings can also be changed with time as well.
  • For business and teams – This VPN is the first choice for big business houses and even for the start-up buddies. Here it will provide a global IP address, user management, support, server deployment and much more. It will assist the team entirely with security features, and there will be no need to opt for multiple VPNs too.
  • Separate client area – If you have opted for Ivacy VPN then you will get a different client area accessible with username and password. It will enable you to make the necessary settings and other requisites as per your will.
  •  Miscellaneous – Yes, there is no end to the features of Ivacy VPN it allows high speed downloading, dedicated Kodi app, virus protection, quick connect elements and a lot more.

Are there any additional features of Ivacy VPN?

There are many eye-catchy security features of Ivacy VPN. Here we have discussed a few –

  1. Internet Kill Switch – This feature will instantly closes the online activities of the user if by any chance the VPN gets disconnected.
  2. IPv6 Leak protection – This feature will secure the online activities of the user with regard to IPv6 vulnerabilities. In case there is any leak, or even if there is any assumption, then this VPN will block it right at the moment.
  3. 256-bit Data encryption – This technology is competent to create a shadow over your data so it cannot be used or stolen by any third party or the hackers as well.

Want to buy Ivacy VPN?

Ivacy VPN comes at a fundamental price. Check below –

For one month – It will cost you 9.95$ per month

For one year – It will cost you 3.33$ per month

For two years – It will cost you 2.25$ per month

Well, it would save more, if you will choose either one year or two years package as there is a massive difference in price. Plus there are 30 days money back guarantee as well.

Final words

Ivacy VPN is a highly developed tool that is accomplished with all the required features. Along with the features already listed, Ivacy VPN will help you in processing your work at a high speed. There will be no instance to get worried or apprehensive about the data getting lost or hackers eating up your endeavor. It is unquestionably the best VPN of 2019.

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