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WhatsApp Banned in China

Reportedly, on Tuesday, the people of China were feeling a lot of trouble in using the popular instant messaging app WhatsApp and it is expected that this is because of internet clampdown by Beijing. The affected user informed that they were not able to operate the application that is they were not able to exchange messages or share media. Only those who were using a virtual private network were able to use it.

Use of Virtual Private Networks is very common in China especially because of the recent censorship applied by Beijing on the usage of the internet. Till then there are many websites which are on the top of being banned by the authorities of Beijing such as Twitter YouTube and many other foreign news websites. The users personally informed the media that they were not able to connect with each other through WhatsApp without the use of a virtual private network.

To confirm all these speculations a test was conducted by South China in the Tuesday afternoon after getting several complaints about the application. The result of the test came out that the application was actually not working as the two users failed to exchange images and videos to WhatsApp with each other.

Another user tried to send various media such as images and videos to a number registered overseas. Once he sent the media to the number registered overseas he was successful on his part and even the message was registered by the recipient. However, a strange thing happened to that instead of receiving the media the recipient was able to see a thumbnail which did not show the original message.

According to the test conducted if the device was connected to a virtual private network, he or she was able to operate the application normally without facing any trouble. People are believing that all this is happening after Beijing has launched and campaign with says ‘cleanup’ and is focused on shutting down various applications and websites which are supposed to be developed for gossiping.

Final Words

Already there are very few instant messaging apps available in the country of China and among which WhatsApp is one of them. However, there is no doubt in the fact that it is less popular in the country as compared to the WeChat application which is home-based. According to reports presented by Toronto based giant citizen lab WeChat has even tried to send some suspicious messages without providing any notification to the users.

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