Is It Possible To Merge Two PST Files? TechPcVipers

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Stellar Merge PST

Many a time’s users find it difficult to merge PST files. Mostly they create many PST files with varied information, and when it comes to joining any two with associated information, and then the difficulty arises. All these require lots of time and effort, and there has to be one fruitful solution. So, here I will help you with same and will let you know how you can get your various PST files merged effortlessly. Stellar PST Software is one such software that is clubbed with the features to meet your needs concerning the PST files and their merger. I have myself used this tool, and it has come up as the finest solution. Let me illustrate you more about it.

How to merge PST files?

The smartest thing about this tool is that it needs only two steps that can be done in just a blink.

  • First of all, you will require downloading and installing this software from the official website.
  • Once done with the first step, here you will get the option of drag and drop. Select the PST files, pick the desired location and end the process by clicking on “Join.” You will get the results and can merge PST files.

The steps were indeed uncomplicated, but now you might ask me about the size limitations of the files right? So, let me tell you here there is no constraint to Merge PST files despite the size, and you can join any number of bulks.

Let’s talk about the safety of the PST files as it is a matter of concern. With my experience, I can claim it be utterly safe concerning the originality of the Files plus it can easily Merge PST files both protected and unprotected formats. I loved the feature of removing the duplicate files that really saved my time.

Final Verdict

My experience with Stellar PST Software to Merge PST files was satisfactory, and I will strongly recommend to others as well. Now when you find yourself in the middle of the PST files chunks then get it cleaned by combining them into one or as per your choice. So, by now you must have got your answer that yes merging PST files can be done if you are opting for the apt and trusted software that is easy to use, safe and user-friendly. Use it by yourself and share your know-how with this tool.

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