Does Apple Iphone XR Offer Some Out Of Box Features? Apple Iphone XR Review

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Apple Iphone XR

The world of Iphone has got one more added family member in their list. Yes, we are discussing about the new-fangled Apple Iphone XR. A colourful Iphone that bid a room to several new features that too at a remarkable value.  Let’s take an in-depth look at what is Apple Iphone XR all about or whether it is worthy enough to grab this piece of device.

Screen Size

screen size

This time the new Iphone launched by Apple offers the screen display space of 6.1inches which is a cool thing, but if your hands are not that larger, then it would be little uneasy unless it is a handy phone seeing the size. It has also extended the feel of games, movies and other stuff with a wider brake. Plus the new 70 emojis are welcomed, and the Apple Iphone XR comes in six different colours so you can choose your favourite.


Not to overlook the appealing feature of Apple Iphone XR that is the A12 Bionic processor. It is going to take to the ultimate roller coaster ride with its invincible faster speed. If you are indeed a game freak, then put your money on this, and it will not disappoint you.


Now as the screen gets bigger, the display effects also stand out with IPS LCD. Yes. You got it right; it is an Iphone with an LCD and thick bezels. If the screen display is turned to black, then the feel is exceptional with no smirk. Overall the design is very eye-boggling and will impress not only the existing Iphone users but to other Smartphone lovers as well. This time you will not get the 3D touch, but it does not matter much as it is replaced with Haptic Touch which is similar to the former one with extra features.

Battery Life

Let us compare the battery life of Apple Iphone XR with its siblings. The battery life is far better than any other Apple Iphone phone, and it can live up to 12 hours to the maximum. So, battery life can be given good marks, but there is a deduction as the USB-C charger does not come with the phone and cost extra 50$. Plus if you are willing to enjoy wireless charging, then you will be let down as Apple Iphone XR does not support it.


If you are a music lover then Apple Iphone XR is the right thing to invest in, it has dual speakers which can be said as the party bomb.  Plus here one can enjoy the group time video calls with 32 people clubbed with Dual Sim support.


apple camera

There might be an apprehension that the Apple Iphone XR being single lens won’t be able to capture the image as per the expectations or similar to its sister phones. And thinking this if you decide to leave the phone, trust me you are going to regret. This phone is packed with stellar wide angle sensor with HDR functionalities offering you with most stunning and convincing pictures. The only thing that concerns is the portrait mode that waits for the person if you are clicking the image of something else.

Add on

Last but not the least Apple Iphone XR is water resistant and can withhold water for 30 minutes dipped under 1 meter, but you need to further invest for cover as the back glass is not that sturdy compared to the front one.

Final verdict

It’s time to get an upgrade to Apple Iphone XR as it comes with extended shout-out features like faster processor, high-quality pictures and videos, extended battery life, high audio quality etc. All these spectacular features at the price of Rs.76, 900 will make anyone say a Yes.  There are a few loose ends that we have discussed above concerning the camera like portrait mode and single rear lenses. Ignoring this, investing in Apple Iphone XR will turn out to be a fantastic deal.


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