iPhone 11: Apple’s Biggest Event Of 2019: Get Ready to Pre-order on September 13

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iPhone 11- Are you ready for the biggest reveal of 2019?

One of the world’s most innovative companies, Apple has announced the biggest launch of 2019. The brand has officially set the date for the unveiling of the next-generation of its iPhones series. It will be hosted on Tuesday, September 10 at 10 a.m. (Pacific time) at the Steve Jobs Theatre in Cupertino headquarters.

At the event, the Silicon Valley company will release its iPhone 11—mostly a revival of last year’s iPhone XS family, including the iPhone 11, 11 Pro (like 10 Max) and the comparatively affordable entry-level 11R.

Don’t want to miss the launch details? Well, we are going to get you the sneak-peek even before the launch.

iphone 11

What can you expect from iphone 11 series- Top 2 Changes

  1. Square-Shaped Triple-Lens Camera System

Thanks to our sources, we already know that the iPhone will be revealing a new camera setup. Yes, you heard that right. It will be the first to boast triple-camera systems while adopting a new square-shaped structure.

  • USB-C Type Connector

Apple may give us a surprise by replacing the 7-year-old proprietary Lightning port with a USB-C type. Now that’s some news! The switch will create an enormous disruption in the iPhone accessories market from external battery packs to charging stands, earphones and more.

Furthermore, going by Apple’s invitation featuring a multi-coloured Apple logo, it may not be wrong to speculate about a wider colour range available for the new phones. One iPhone 11 rumour suggested that Apple was designing a “rainbow” version of the device. The iPhone 11 will be powered by Apple’s new A13 processor, along with an upgrade in the Face ID system.

When can you get your hands on the new iPhone?

Apple is all ready to provoke excitement in its brand loyalists and aspirants. Good news is that you won’t have to wait long to claim that fresh piece of innovation for your own. The brand will open gates for pre-orders merely three days post the launch, beginning September 13. Also, the sale will be going live on September 20.

What will you Pay?

You just got lucky! You can expect the prices to stay in-line with the current iPhone models, with the cheaper R series starting at around $749, standard flagship iPhone at $999 and up, and Pro series available for $999 and up.